Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Georgie Love newsies

Ok, here is some big Georgie Love news... Georgie Love is now no longer  just Sal and Georgie, we've taken on board one of our very good friends -  BEC, so Georgie Love is now us three.  I met Bec because she used to be (and still is) one of Georgie Love's first and best customers and a very good friendship developed through it and she is now one of my besties.  More importantly, Bec is as passionate about supporting and promoting handmade as much as I am, so it's a perfect fit.  She's very invested in the site and seeing it grow and evolve, so we are very excited.

Having someone else to work with and bounce ideas around with is FABULOUS as I am usually so busy trying to do everything, that I haven't had the energy (or time) to invest in growing the site as I have wanted and to make it in to everything that it could be.

As such, we have a new postal address to take place immediately (but don't stress, a mail redirection from the old one is in place in case you forget in the short term) and so can you now please address everything Georgie related to:

Georgie Love
PO Box 18349
Collins Street East, VIC 8003

(note: please mark everything as do not bend!)

We've also applied for a big table at the Finders Keepers in August, so fingers crossed that comes off (GL's first ever market). Yay!


Mama Mogantosh said...

Georgie Love is GOING PLACES, people! Sounds like the life- wheel is on the upswing, Sally- bout time too.

Virginia said...

Wow! Awesome. And congratulations. :)

Lauren said...

Congratulations Sally! Rather exciting stuff :-0