Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just 10 minutes more.

It's Saturday afternoon and fortuitously, everyone but me is napping.  I am drinking tea, scoffing what feels like most of a packet of milk arrowroots and sucking up these few moments without a snotty and teething cranky child hanging off me, like a DROWNING MAN GASPING FOR AIR.  10 minutes for a cup of tea on my own is my saving grace sometimes.

This has pretty much been her expression all day.

I am actually researching recipes that require a million lemons, as I picked all these off the small tree earlier.

And I still have all these to go on the big tree  Ahh.

I think while the second tree is DEFINITELY lemons, the tree I picked seems like a hybrid as they a lemon shape, but with an oranger hue, are slightly sweeter than lemons, SUPER JUICY, but still a magnificent tartness.  I really do not know, as I am not Lady-Doctor-Citrus.  Much to your surprise.

Not sure what to start doing with them, I used three along with water, sugar and vanilla to poach some pears in the slow cooker.  The syrup is SO delicious that I keep creeping over with a spoon to slurp it up.

Other than that, I got an ok haircut at the Biba close to our new home (except the guy cutting my hair WOULD NOT SHUT UP and asked me what I was doing on the weekend THREE times, which I answered the same every time - not much as we have a toddler, which makes me feel like a LOSER, but my weekend is rad to me),  coloured my hair (home job, my hair is so short it makes no difference between using a $12 box job and $100 by a professional).  The ace DrMr has been giving me a break from the cranky lady:

His endless patience for tea parties.

Sharing his lunch while trying to find Nemo.

(DrMr was woken from his nap (he still has a cold) by Ruby throwing a dummy on his face, which bounced off his head and rolled under the bed.  While crawling under the bed get it, he was whipped on his exposed back by her with a wet face cloth used to wipe her face after lunch, as he flinched away from it, his back hit the oil heater and burnt him.  Terrible, but I laughed a lot when he told me that story)


Mama Mogantosh said...

I laughed too. But with love.

Oh, those hours/ days/ weeks where daughters refuse to take off their cranky pants..I know them well.

Is it any consolation that your new house looks lovely?

Hang in there sista.

gret said...

I may have said it before, but seriously, sometimes I read this space and feel like I'm reading my life. We even have the same dolls pram, snotty nosed-cranky pants-near two year old. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the cuppa (my it looks nice!).


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

heheheh funny but not funny..*snigger*

I have my very own cranky sick 3 year old so i feel like i can join this club too...

Virginia said...

Ah, cranky teething children. Nature's perfect birth control.

She'll start to feel better soon. I promise.

My daughter used to wake me up at this age by dropping her very hard head directly onto my nose. I would wake up in blinding pain at least once a night. Funny in retrospect.

Pod said...

Hi Sal,
I think these lemons might be Meyer lemons and i found this post about them...

Just call me "lady doctor citrus" if I'm right :)

PS house looks lovely, hope you have many happy times living there, especially the stolen few minutes with a cuppa. I have discovered myself that these few moments are excellent therapy!

frankie and ray said...

Me thinks you have a Meyer Lemon tree - we have one too and they are magnificent! Try some homemade lemon cordial for deliciousness - juice of 3 lemons, 1/2 litre of water, 15g tartic acid, 15g citric acid, 1kg of caster sugar, zest of 1 lemon. Heat all of it in a pan until the sugar is dissolved - keeps in the fridge for months, but I guarantee it won't be there that long! Enjoy your weekend!

Leonie said...

The rounder more orange lemons are likely to be Meyer Lemons. They are sweeter than the usual lemons and their skins are a lot thinner too. My sister has a tree in a house we used to share with her. When we get a lemon tree for this house it will be one of those, they are such a winner.

Hope Rubes pushes through those teeth super quick and the DrMr gives you more chances to sneak in cups of tea. They are and will always be a life saver.

Follow Our Bliss said...

This post is so cute with the lemon trees and the hybrid of lemons and oranges. It's cool to have a kid as cute as that kid.