Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok, so we have completely moved in... finally!  What awesome fun with a teething child with a cold, who then passes that cold on to the rest of us.  Hooray!  We got the keys a few week earlier than when we planned to move the big stuff, so it only took us a few days to settle in.  They have been a few quite tumultuous and strange days, but we are in and happy.  Ruby is ecstatic with the new house and wakes every morning with a (literally) big "YAY! Hi House!", and DrMr and I are happy that her 5:15am starts have seemed to have settled down.  UGH.

Things we like:

New beds and bedding.  After sleeping on a shitty bed for several years, we finally caved and bought a new bed suite and fancy mattress and I could cry every night when I go to bed for the joy of it.  AHHHHHH.  SO COMFY.

A house with a bath FINALLY.  We only had a baby bath still for Rubes in the old house, so she is well pleased.  Actually every day is almost like Christmas (for the joy and anticipation) for her as I don't think I have ever told you HOW obsessed she is with baths.  She is also obsessed with using her full name all day long - "that's Ruby Rock's bath... Ruby Rock needs a drink"... etc.  Cute and crazy all at once.

Both DrMr and I (for the first time) have separate working spaces that reflect our personal working styles and tastes....


I bought a new mac laptop and a new camera recently, very happy.  I am anticipating better quality photos for GL.  If not, then I have obviously got to find something else to blame, because as it stands like with most things, I am a MAGNIFICENT photographer.

Actually my main aim for the next few weeks is to actually read the manual and figure out how to use it. Pictures are much nicer, that I can tell.

Other than that, we have been mostly painting (Wuby Wock is obsessed), riding our bikes in the big park across the road and just hanging out and settling in.  Life is good.   Oh, so I also decided not to take the new job I was offered, I was feeling a whole heap of anxiety about it and it was a lot of change for all of us with not much reward.  Feel really good about the decision.

Right now, it's nap time ... for Rubes AND me.  Have a good weekend!


Milkwood Design said...

Where is that quilt from? I LOVE it.. and please don't say it is just something you whipped up in your spare time (unless, of course, you are willing to make me one too!)

PottyMouthMama said...

Sally! I freaking love you. You are one of the most ace and awesome and rad people I know.

I love your new house. I love your new bed. I love the bath and the basin (what a cute sunny shade of yellow - and yellow I LOVE!), and I love these tales of your family love.

Ruby Rock rocks. x

frankie and ray said...

Welcome home Sally! Oh, the joys of a new bed...I was looking at our old one every night like it was the enemy! And I have bath envy.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Glad to hear/ see you are settling in so nicely.

CurlyPops said...

How cute is it that you have a yellow bath and sink!
Hope you manage some relaxation over the weekend.

Georgie Love said...

PSA - the quilt is from Bed, Bath & Table, they have a range from Morgan & Finch (which I believe is their own brand, cant find it anywhere else). It's a doona cover designed TO LOOK LIKE A QUILT. It's genius. I have another one (previously blogged as Doona of Wonder) and just LOVE them. They aren't ridiculously expensive either and they always have sales of 25-30 or so % off! YAY!

The loo is lemon too. Love it. I should photograph all the "original features" of the house as it's ridiculous. In the best way possible.

Virginia said...

I'm so glad you're all in! Fabulous.

A new bed sounds divine. We desperately need one. I don't even know how old our current one is. Eek.

Milkwood Design said...

Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for them...