Thursday, August 05, 2010

ppppfffffffpfpfpfpfpfpffffffff (sound of balloon deflating)

Can I tell you something, I am not sure if you have noticed or not, but me... I have totally lost my mojo.  Somewhere in packing and moving, debating between changing jobs and staying, Georgie Love changes, a teething and cranky child (who has picked up a myriad of obnoxious habits from daycare) I turned into a surly cow.  I am cranky.  And short tempered.  With everyone.  And I don't like being that, particularly with the ones I love the most. 

I am not sure what I need to do.  Drink more coffee?  Drink less coffee?  Go for more walks?  Get some time out?  Sleep more?  Sleep less?  Eat more cheesecake?  I am trying all but nothing is working.

For my birthday yesterday, Ruby gave me a 4 hour sleep.  So I cooked and pottered about and did a few things that I like to do without a 22 month-old clinging to me.  It was bliss!  Maybe I need more of that?  Time on my own (I am an introvert, it's definitely required), rather than birthdays (nice, but expensive for DrMr to maintain). 

Any advice welcome.  Gladly.


mum/toddler/babe said...

I get you. I've been the same. My advice is definitely more time on your own. I think I'm basically an introvert too, and I REALLY need the time out in order to come back to the little people a bit nicer.


PottyMouthMama said...

I felt like this after we moved, back in June. I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust. I was so mad at everything and everyone. I hate being like that, but I couldn't help the crank factor.

I think the key is more time to yourself. Seriously. Do things you love. You deserve some time out. x

Melbourne Vintage said...

Oprah would tell you to write affirmations on your mirror but I would like to tell you to keep enjoying the time you have on your own and eat lots of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese! The affirmation on everyone's mirror should read I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF CARBOHYDRATES. Also if it helps Ruby IS the most adorable child ever and very photogenic! Yay for your genes!

Jacki said...

I know what you're talking about. Definitely quiet time, a good book and some lindt chocolate!

CurlyPops said...

I'm not a mum, but my sister (who is a mum of five) treats herself to one day a week without the kids (they're at school and creche).
She might just spend the day doing housework or grocery shopping, but at least it's quiet and no-one is clambering for attention. I think everyone needs a day to themselves each week.

Loz and Dinny said...

Definately time to yourself .. definately doing nothing but something for you ... I'm bad at taking this time and I too feel the cranky, loss of mojo, head biting off vibes. A cafe, a mag and no conversation ... bliss.

Sam said...

It's been a busy few months for you, hasn't it!

I agree with the other ladies here, take some time out. You need it.

An occasional day nap, long bath, walk in the fresh air, getting your hair done, have a massage, all these things might help. Yes, some aren't free, but every now and then, you need to treat yourself.


Miss Kit said...

Man, i just moved without the whole 22 month year old to look after as well and I am devastated! I keep wondering when I'll get any energy back and/or stop attempting to maim my poor tired boyfriend. I think you're amazing with all your jobs and anytime you need you can always come to my house and eat banana chocolate muffins and I'll spin Ruby around until she falls asleep.

Pod said...

A good bath with a good book after Heidi goes to sleep is my sanity break. I used to feel like I should rush it and do something productive but then I thought, this is productive, it's keeping me normal!!!
PS have you tried the amber teething necklaces?

Virginia said...

First, happy birthday!

Secondly, as a creative introvert who has now officially survived my child's toddlerhood, I promise you that it will get much much better soon. Your child will soon cease to be a velcro child and will start asserting her independence. She will continue to drive you crazy, but will find new ways to do it (sometimes on a minute to minute basis). And she will actually leave you some time to yourself.

During this time period my mantra became "I would much rather be dealing with my darling girl than to not have her at all."

Oh, and I strapped her into her stroller and took LOTS of long walks through the park.

Megan said...

well done ruby, best present ever for mum! i vote for more of the same, perhaps a little IOU booklet of 4 hr naps for you to use as you will! (if only hey?) hope your balloon starts to blow back up soon as everything starts to calm down.

happy birthday!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I am with Cam- although I too beleive in the healing powers of cake. I work 3 days and have a day to myself at home with no child. it is absolutely heavenly. i need it. I need it to sew and do cc stuff but also I lvoe to be in the hosue alone, just me dog and radio national.
Happy Birthday for yesterday by the way. Huuuugggsss xxx

dillpickle said...

Four hours is bliss!! I totally agree with the time to yourself option, but I'd also suggest getting your iron levels checked. I discovered mine were appallingly low recently (pregnancy related), and my tolerance and mood improved so dramatically once the supplements started to kick in that I'm surprised my other half hadn't suggested that I was being particularly foul! Things are MUCH more pleasant around here now!

gret said...

Yep. Take a day off from work when she's in childcare every so often. I'm doing it for the first time ever next week. Can't wait.

Jules Madden said...

Oh my GOD a four hour sleep!!!!!????!?!? I am insanely jealous. Stevie has decided that daytime naps are almost over, just like her Mum's sanity!
Mojo comes and goes... I find I need to not think too much and not be around people coz it will just lead to stupid and pointless arguments :)

Oh and Happy Birthday!! xx