Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday afternoons

I am lolling about on the bed this afternoon.  After the whole cranky post of the other day, I got a like this winter coldy relapse with the stupendous additional features of:

1. a coldsore.  ON MY FOREHEAD, which made me look (and feel) like I had leprosy.  There was no covering this bad boy.
2. this weird allergy thing in BOTH eyes, they are super itchy and very bloodshot.  I have a prescription which has done nothing but cost $36 and made me a little poorer.
3. antibiotics which are a little blah-making, but I seem to be finally shaking this winter-long disease, so BRING IT ON.

So basically, I look like a flesh-decaying zombie or an oddly chubby crack addict, and if you don't find the idea of me so freaking hot right now, there is something seriously wrong with you.  There is.  You.  Not me.

It's ok, I have the companionship of my faithful hound on the floor beside me, who as you can see, is stupendously thrilled to make a triumphant and overdue REAPPEARANCE in the blog named in his honour.  His.  Not the human-puppy, ok?  HIS.

So I made this lemon cake the yesterday (note: it is delicious and is so a cake and not a bread, but I used the juice of two whole lemons rather than 2 tbs, which is ridiculously tight on the lemon juice)  the batter tasted odd and I wasn't sure how it would work out, but it is delicious and perfect with a nice cup of tea in bed on a Saturday afternoon.  Very light and fluffy.  If you have a massive and never ending box of lemons sitting on your bench mocking you, I would suggest you make it too.  We went into the city this morning and wandered about and bought some books, which is also a very nice way to spend a Saturday.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the crank-shaking advice.  I have taken most if not all of it on board - eating comfort food (I am lucky, for me this is roast vegies), going to bed early and trying to do nice things with very nice people.  I am also trying to clear out some old metaphorical crap and baggage that I have been holding on to - which I will put in the bin next to a ridiculous and annoying letter I received last week.  I think it is all working  That and the fact that it's DrMr's turn to vacuum and mop and it's my job to sit on the bed and drink tea and eat cake and look at things online that I will bake.  Dinner is already in the slow cooker and smells delicious.

I hope you are happy wherever you are and whatever you are doing!


frankie and ray said...

I too am sporting a lovely cold sore - usually these lovlies appear on my nose, should I be thankful this one is on my bottom lip? Cake and tea sounds like a good remedy, and a sunshine seeking sleeping hound! Roll on Spring...I am done with Winter!

Virginia said...

you're not having pink eye or anything are you?

I'm sorry to hear about all the maladies. Hope everything starts to clear up soon.