Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Very busy. Very important. Can't stop.

It's very important to get your under 2s skilled-up to perform the most tiresome jobs in the house.  Get cracking Ruby Rock, or no dinner.  Well, no after dinner leftover cheesecake.


Virginia said...

I love the amazing powers of 2 year old concentration.

(am also equally enamored of the 2 year old ability to switch gears at the speed of light)

Tiges and Weince said...

This made me giggle, very amusing. I could imagine my son also concentrating so hard.
Love your blog I have been reading for a while, thiis is my 1st post. Thanks for the entertainment.

greenappledesigns said...

Hi Sally, thanks so much for my 'you had me at hello' necklace. I love that our little girls are the same age and have the same hair! I am getting Tilly onto the dishes first thing in the morning! I have posted about your giveaway at www.greenappledesignstas.blogspot.com xx