Friday, September 10, 2010

MISSING: presumed in bed, rolling around in cookie crumbs

Oh, so hai.  I feel like I have been completely MIA and out of touch.  Everything is really good though, I am still super busy, but I have been spending a LOT of time filling in that busy-ness with things I (and my family) love doing - I have been at the gym loads, watching movies (currently visiting season 1 of The L Word), baking cakes, taking Rubes swimming, hanging out.  You know, LEISURE TIME THINGS.

Things I never used to do much of.  Oh, I would do things to entertain Rubes, we are always doing fun things... but things for just me?  Not so much.

See, right now... it's 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and I am under the covers in bed drinking tea.  Unheard of.  Admittedly I have vacuumed the house, picked up some printing for a conference DrMr has to go to this weekend, baked some vegan peanut butter cookies for his work place (seriously delish), tidied, shopped, bought Rubes a book about sharks, ate lunch in a Japanese restaurant with Rubes and DrMr, drove all around a bit, swore in traffic and otherwise kept a toddler entertained and happy.  So it's not like I spent all DAY in bed.  Just the last little bit.

I think it's good, but I you know, I need to make more of an effort not to be so out of touch.


1. I need a haircut, I can not grow my hair.  I am in foofy hair helmet land.

2. Georgie Love is going to officially be represented at the Finders Keepers markets in October.   It's our first ever market, which is a Big Deal.  Bec and I are working overtime to make sure it's super ace.  So if you are about, make sure you mark the 9 & 10 of Oct in your DIARIES now, so you can come and say HI.

3. My toddler is OBSESSED with fish, water and all water-related creatures.  It's been the same since pretty much birth, she is a little water baby.  I don't think she is going to be a real girly princess sparkles kind of girl (despite a current preference for a pink dummy) - she LOVES all the scary creatures, sharks, things with teeth.  We have this documentary we have seen too many times to mention and her absolute favourite bit is where a polar bear jumps into the sea to try and (unsuccessfully) catch and eat beluga whales for lunch.  The bear jumps in and she screams "UH OH!" in delight.  I guess we have the theme figured for her second birthday...


Kelly White said...

I LOVE the L word. I've seen every episode and was very sad it ended. So much drama, so much goodness.
Post your recipe for dem cookies Sal!!

Kelly White said...

or i could just click that link, derr. haha!

Leonie said...

Next DVD purchase for Rubes: Finding Nemo. Our kids love it.

Sounds like you had a busy day, definitely time for a cup of tea in bed :-)

Miss Kit said...

I AM SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE FINDERS KEEPERS MARKET! Is it wrong that I'm thinking of taking a day off work just to go to the market and buy all your pretties????? Hmmm yes. Ahem.
Are you becoming a vegan? I don't think I could ever leave Dairy Milk for veganism. I'm just so shallow.

C xoxo

Georgie Love said...

Not vegan! Just nice to vegan guests (Fiona!) and now she is terribly addicted to the same recipe and soon we will all be too large to leave the house. Yes come to FK! It's on Sat AND Sun!

Are we all still on for Fri? I need to send another email.

Leonie - we have Nemo, a lame rip-off called The Reef and Happy Feet. We are fishy covered. I am currently looking for the Little Mermaid on DVD, as fish AND singing is only going to be a win. :-)