Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georgie Loves Queen

Ok, so I have banged on a lot on this blog about my absolute favourite Australian clothing label - Queen Clothing.  The pieces are made in Melbourne, are just super-rad, quirky and stylish, comfortable, long lasting, SO WELL MADE and everything (fabric etc) is also made in Australia.  I have had a long-term, big-time love for them.  In short, the clothing is beautiful and I am very passionate about it!

ANYWAY, I am so beyond chuffed to tell you that as of today, Georgie Love is the only online retailer that you can buy a few select Queen pieces from (and hopefully more to follow).

As for me personally, I am not going to be able to resist the black Georgie Dress (GEORGIE!) or the simply magnificent Sailor Skirt.

Anyway, I hope you love them as much as I do - and if you want to try something out, using the code QUEEN will give you 10% off your order for any pieces in the Girls Clothing category.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Secrets! Not very important ones, mind you.

It's Saturday afternoon, a little too early to pour a glass of wine while Ruby is napping and I am working.  I am sitting here listening to Of Montreal and editing photos I took yesterday of some new stuff for Georgie Love.  I mostly use iphoto for photo editing (shameless mac user), but my favourite and EASIEST photo editing software is picnik. It's an online program and free (I have a paid account though), but look what I can do.




Seriously, if I wasn't so lazy, I would use picnik for everything - my photos would look 100% better.  Maybe I should try. (ps: this is totally not any kind of paid endorsement - it's just a rad site and if you ARE selling things online as I know a lot of readers do - it's worth it to get your pictures looking as ace as you can.

They have themed things to play with seasonally ( I showed this picture to DrMr and the only thing he could say was "you don't look very happy"... and I said "really?  That's the only thing you can say about this picture??????????? I have fangs, not to mention my gaping NECK WOUND")  Here I am relaxing with a cup of tea at home.

Or you can be a cheaty-cheater and make yourself look LOVELY AND NATURAL in about 5 minutes  flat.

The original was actually taken sans make-up this morning and is so hideous that I am too ashamed to post it.  But it is a FAR CRY from the above picture.  I was also trying to go for neutral face, not snotty and pissed off.

Meanwhile, my arm is sore from so much clickity-click from the mouse.  Enough procrastination, I really have so much to do, so better GET BACK TO IT.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

This is something I need to take note of now and then - now mostly.  Yay!  I love this dude.  Let's all dance!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Strike! While the iron is lukewarm

We are still in Albury, we are here for DrMr's Uncle's funeral.  It's very, very, very rainy and wet, but I understand that's the status quo everywhere.  Everyone is asleep and it's finally nice and quiet and I am listening to the NEW SUFJAN STEVENS CD (important news to me) and catching up on emails.

I can finally show you some pics that Lyndsay's lovely partner Ben was super ace to take for us.  I have wanted to write more about the market as it was so significant an occasion for us, and I had some absolutely wonderful conversations with wonderful people that made me feel so cheery, plus met so many ace people, but now it's a week later and I am somewhere else thinking of other things.

My iPhone died and I feel ridiculously out of touch.  I have to take it to the store tomorrow and throw it at them, because it's only a few months old.  CRANKY.  I also BURNT MY MOUTH on some average dumplings in Albury's only (and over-priced and not very good) Japanese restaurant.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finders Keepers

Well!  It's all over now, and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and visited our little stall, our lovely friends and now new friends.  It was ace.  Exhausting.  My favourite part was catching up with makers and friends I don't get to see often enough, meeting new people, other stall holders and crafty folks I have admired for a long time and were as lovely as I imagined.  Yay!  SO tired today though.  I soaked my poor, poor sad feet (seriously, I wore wedge shoes all day yesterday, I am a FOOL) in a bowl of cool water last night and I think it did the trick as they were happier today.  I DID do a yoga class tonight and just wanted to collapse on my nap and snooze, it was an endurance test.

Oh, I didn't take any photos on either day, but I know people who DID, so I am hoping some turn up, so I can show you what we did!  I should also snap everything I bought, because I went CRAZY in the about 10 minutes I had spare on Sunday morning and I seriously went a little nuts.  I almost cried at one stall, because everything was so ridiculously beautiful - I had tears in my eyes.  Beautiful things do that sometimes.

Today was spent shuffling around the house, tidying the messes DrMr and Rubes managed during their daddy-daughter days together, I had a NAP (outrageous), and we had a lovely late afternoon in the park.

But SERIOUSLY, where the hell is my baby?  Who is this little girl person who followed us around at the park.  I barely recognise her in photos.

Sadly, we have to go to Albury for a funeral in the next few days, so I will be a little MIA.  Again.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dream big. Make it happen.

So I kind of look like a haggard haggardy hag-hag at the moment.  SO TIRED, obviously we have been ridiculously busy with Finders Keepers (we have close to 900 different pieces from different makers, I mean SERIOUSLY - that's crazy), but Rubes is waking up through the night at the moment, I am going to bed too late and tossing and turning a bit..  So y'know.  Tired.  Crabby.  The usual.

ALSO, so I have mentioned before that I love going to the gym, which if you noted my chubby self, you would be surprised to discover that I love exercise.  I do, it's true,.  But I also damnwell love food.  YUM.  ANYWAY, I usually do the full on combat and cycle and cardio classes, mixed in with the occassional yoga and pilates (can not stand the weights or treadmills, ugh - it's classes only), anyway this is a rather long paragraph in the lead up to tell you that I decided to do a PUMP (weight lifting) class on Monday morning and it's Wednesday and no joke I CAN STILL NOT WALK.  I hobble.  I hobble, rub my stiff legs and cry.  If I walk around a bit, it loosens up and I can do a SORT OF resemblence of a normal walk, but if I sit down (and my job is an office IT job, I sit a lot) as soon as I stand up, I hobble with apparently two wooden legs.  And tears in my eyes.

So I have to sort that out before the market on the weekend.  I have the dream that I will be able bodied in public.  DREAM BIG I say.

Luckily, it's not all work and agony at the moment, we have taken regular time out in the park across the road

Although someone is not pleased when other small people DARE to touch the Ruby Rock swing set.  Peons!

Bad parent for photographing her pint sized rage.