Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dream big. Make it happen.

So I kind of look like a haggard haggardy hag-hag at the moment.  SO TIRED, obviously we have been ridiculously busy with Finders Keepers (we have close to 900 different pieces from different makers, I mean SERIOUSLY - that's crazy), but Rubes is waking up through the night at the moment, I am going to bed too late and tossing and turning a bit..  So y'know.  Tired.  Crabby.  The usual.

ALSO, so I have mentioned before that I love going to the gym, which if you noted my chubby self, you would be surprised to discover that I love exercise.  I do, it's true,.  But I also damnwell love food.  YUM.  ANYWAY, I usually do the full on combat and cycle and cardio classes, mixed in with the occassional yoga and pilates (can not stand the weights or treadmills, ugh - it's classes only), anyway this is a rather long paragraph in the lead up to tell you that I decided to do a PUMP (weight lifting) class on Monday morning and it's Wednesday and no joke I CAN STILL NOT WALK.  I hobble.  I hobble, rub my stiff legs and cry.  If I walk around a bit, it loosens up and I can do a SORT OF resemblence of a normal walk, but if I sit down (and my job is an office IT job, I sit a lot) as soon as I stand up, I hobble with apparently two wooden legs.  And tears in my eyes.

So I have to sort that out before the market on the weekend.  I have the dream that I will be able bodied in public.  DREAM BIG I say.

Luckily, it's not all work and agony at the moment, we have taken regular time out in the park across the road

Although someone is not pleased when other small people DARE to touch the Ruby Rock swing set.  Peons!

Bad parent for photographing her pint sized rage.


Leonie said...

For the legs, try getting a swim in, gets the blood moving through and moving the crud out without you having to feel it quite so much :-)

Rubes doesn't look very ragey, must be the silent photos!

Virginia said...

Wow... Ruby's face has changed since the last time I saw a picture of her. She's looking more grown up.

Sorry about your legs. Your post (and the accompanying workout photo) made me laugh pretty hard this morning.

Mama Mogantosh said...

I feel like Haggis McBaggis too right now. I love the grumpy Ruby series though. DO NOT MESS with a toddlers swing time.

Erin said...

georgie!!! he's so PLUMP. i will kiss that big belly myself one day soon, i swear it.

Fiona said...

Just wait until Ruby figures out how to train George how to attack other kids who want to go on her swings. Won't that be fun?

Anonymous said...

Bah - you have to live through Ruby's rage, so I think you have a right to photograph it!

Maybe some yoga stretches would help with your legs? Yoga's all the exercise I can deal with, and even then I prefer the 'lying down on the floor' poses :)