Friday, October 15, 2010

Strike! While the iron is lukewarm

We are still in Albury, we are here for DrMr's Uncle's funeral.  It's very, very, very rainy and wet, but I understand that's the status quo everywhere.  Everyone is asleep and it's finally nice and quiet and I am listening to the NEW SUFJAN STEVENS CD (important news to me) and catching up on emails.

I can finally show you some pics that Lyndsay's lovely partner Ben was super ace to take for us.  I have wanted to write more about the market as it was so significant an occasion for us, and I had some absolutely wonderful conversations with wonderful people that made me feel so cheery, plus met so many ace people, but now it's a week later and I am somewhere else thinking of other things.

My iPhone died and I feel ridiculously out of touch.  I have to take it to the store tomorrow and throw it at them, because it's only a few months old.  CRANKY.  I also BURNT MY MOUTH on some average dumplings in Albury's only (and over-priced and not very good) Japanese restaurant.


Virginia said...

The market looks like it was fun. Very cute booth area for you.

And that SUX about your iPhone. bleh. Definitely throw it at them. Or something.

Lauren said...

Looks great! I loved the little price tags you made...might have to 'borrow' that one :)