Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Built to last

So hey.  It's cup day and I am not really interested in the race - I had to work today (and so did DrMr), so it didn't feel like anything but an ordinary day - apart from the chicken and champagne lunch in the office and zero traffic on the roads.  Hooray!  I can certainly celebrate good food and wine.

We've been quite busy, I am still catching up on Georgie Love work, there are so many new things on the site just in time for Christmas.
I literally ADORE this pendant from Madz has Runaway and I am contemplating purchasing it for myself.  We just had a HIDEOUS electricity bill and need two new tyres on the car... so maybe not quite yet, but I hope to before anyone else does!

 We have also been going to the beach on sunny days, swimming at an indoor pool during rainy ones, working on our new vegie patch!  We have dug, fertilised (STINKY!) and planted.  We are just waiting for our little seeds to sprout.  In retrospect I would have bought seedlings, but fingers crossed we will be eating some delicious organic vegies at some point in the future!

ALSO, I picked DrMr up from work today and I noticed (as I have for a while as I have been driving through at times and not able to stop) that some of the fancier suburbs around Toorak are having hard rubbish. So we had a little time before Rubes got super cranky and we had a (sadly, very) little drive around It's a well documented fact that I LOVE hard rubbish.  ANYWAY,  for the first time DrMr got right into it (he is usually waiting mortified in the car) and he scored for Rubes:

2 pretty awesome bikes, both are in good condition and just need a bit of a scrub.

For himself, a fairly hideous ceramic panther that he insists is going to go in his office.  This thing is almost the size of Georgie.

and FOR ME, from one house, we picked up 5 (FIVE) sewing machines.  They are of different age, condition - only 1 I am convinced really is dead.  I found my sewing machine in a hard rubbish haul last year (with another one), had it serviced by that guy in Belgrave who is convinced that it's in immaculate condition and will last me the rest of my life.  It's AWESOME and probably from the 70s.  When things were BUILT TO BE KEPT.

Some have manuals.

The oldest and stinkiest, but in such lovely condition!  I am sure a collector would dig this.

More, etc.

Now obviously I only need one sewing machine, which I have in my work space and use too infrequently.  I don't need seven.  I haven't checked any of these, but I certainly can - if you have a niece or daughter (or son!) or cousin or friend who is interested in learning to sew and you wouldn't mind paying for it to have a service - you are welcome to one.

I am DESPERATE to go back and look for more gold in the trash, maybe tomorrow.  Ahhh!


samanthacurrie.com said...

Ahhhh, they are gorgeous! I would LOVE the monarch if you are thinking of parting with it and would gladly pay the shipping and a finders fee if you like :D but understand if you'd rather hang on to it.
God, I love hard rubbish! :D
It's lovely that you're being so generous with these - I hope something lovely comes your way in return!

PottyMouthMama said...

I am seriously cacking about that big cat - how funny? I wonder why someone tossed it out.. WhY?

Loving the fact that you found and rescued so many orphaned sewing machines - that's kerazy!!

And I totes dig on the ride-ons for Rubes. That is rad.

Freckled Sparrow said...

Gosh! That Monarch is GORGEOUS!! Yay for hard rubbish :)

CurlyPops said...

Toorak has much better trash than my suburb, although I did pick up my vintage singer off the side of the road too.
I'm so glad you rescued them all before they were squished and scrapped. What a waste!
If I'd driven past the panther, I think I would have left him there...hee hee

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

The cat reminds me of 'Black Panther' in Anchorman! Hahaha

I don't know what's happening in Toorak but your "rubbish" isn't rubbish at all ;)

You should see the CRAP that gets left out near where my parents live. It's beyond sad and hilarious!


Virginia said...

Five sewing machines! I'm jealous.

And I actually know what you're talking about when you say Toorak, because I wrote an article on that burb not too long ago. :)

Though I will admit I have absolutely no clue what "cup" day is.

Lauren said...

You might have to let Ruby 'play' with panther...I'm so tempted to snag a sewing machine...

Katherine said...

Wow, I wish they would do that around here. I need stuff! (Yes, I'm totally saying that in a Gir voice!) And I wish I didn't live on the other side of the world, so I could snag a sewing machine.

annie said...

That panther is outstanding. Pearl would KILL me if I brought that home, but I would bring it home, nevertheless.