Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the meantime...

So, still struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones*? the code XMAS will give you 10% off anything you like at Georgie Love.

Other thing I wanted to share with you was this FREE and wonderful 2011 calendar.  Customise your calendar online by choosing from 30 different owl illustrations. Then generate a high res PDF, download, and print.  AWESOME and seriously, the artwork is great, but this is not going to go far in convincing DrMr that I am not in fact obsessed with owls. You are welcome.

Everyone's got a bottom is a story about Ben and his brother and sister learning and talking together about bodies. It is a tool for parents and carers to gently start a conversation with children about self protection.

It's about children keeping safe in a style that is fun, positive and protective.

In a more serious note, we bought this book for Rubes which talks about bodies and inappropriate touching in a safe and non-scary way.  It is a disturbing topic for parents that is important to talk to your kids about early (how early?), but this book is a winner and I recommend it.

*disturbing and hilarious ad from top 48 ads that would never be allowed today


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

you are a life saver. I was looking for that exact book but couldn't remeber the name of it! busy is well versed in nobody touches her as " nobody touches my bagina' she can't say v. it is so cute.

Virginia said...

OMG, that Daisy ad...

Anyway, those books are great! My daughter's pediatrician brought them up at one visit (I have a REALLY amazing pediatrician!).