Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seriously, my Christmas wishlist.

DrMr, bless him, is a terrible present buyer.  He gets flustered every year and worried about what to buy me, thinks that I am very hard to buy for (a disagreement point), so I end up making a big wishlist and sending it to him, of which he is supposed to buy me a surprise selection, but usually ends up buying the whole list.  Which you know, ace.  SO THIS YEAR MY FAVOURITE THINGS I HAVE SUGGESTED:

Does anyone NOT have Sew La Tea Do on their wishlist?  It's beautiful and I have thumbed through many copies in bookshops and the like.  I have a copy for a gift and I KNOW that DrMr has a copy for me as well, so we are well covered.  See - I am a beginner sewer and I LOVE the first book and I really want to try a number of things from this one, when I have a bit of time (AND MY OWN PERSONAL COPY) in the new year.  January is set aside to sew, didn't you know.

I also need to tell you that in case you haven't met Pip in person, I can assure you that she is absolutely as friendly, ace and kind as she appears in her blog.  She really, really is - I find her to be completely inspirational and I think we should support someone local and wonderful who would without a doubt be supporting us (by us, I don't mean Georgie Love - I mean anyone online reading this) if we were doing the same thing.

I first met Pip when I was putting Georgie Love together 5 years ago and there was just Meet Me at Mikes and Craft Victoria flying the flag of Melbourne handmade, so I had very nervous and shy chats with them all.  She was as ace and helpful then as she is now and she deserves all the success coming her way, so if you DO know someone with any crafty inclinations Sew-La-Tea-Do is the perfect gift.  Perfect.

I think you can buy it instore at Mikes in Fitzroy, otherwise get it from some of my favourite shops - Lark and Readings (who are doing a bargain bundle of Pip's first and second book for $69.95)!

I don't know how it happened, but Foal Design hats started sending me their newsletter a few months ago and I kept madly pining for one, but never bought one, I LOVE the hat designs and vintage fabrics they use, but for me - I am hoping to see the dark denim one under my tree.  You can buy them direct from the site, or etsy, but I imagine you will see them everywhere soon.

Candy Stripe Cloud has the most ridiculous range of cute stuff, but I can't go past Lyndsay's Red Apple Shadow Box.  Seriously cute and a bargain at $45, I think.  It also comes in a juicy green pear

I can't remember if I put this pinwheel brooch on my wishlist as well, but I definitely fancy it.

I know PottyMouthMama has these on her wishlist as well, so I DON'T mean to copy, but I have wanted a pair for ages - especially since Rubes has a pair that barely leave her feet and they look rad, are super comfy and can be worn wet or dry without losing their shape.  I really wanted the super hot mustard yellow ones or maybe red, but went with super sensible, wear with everything, black ones.  From Little Pinwheel, who has the best price out of all  (the very few) Australian outlets I think.

FINALLY, I wanted a Red Riding Hood teaset from Made590, but it's disappeared from their website, still they have a  range of supercute Japanese tea sets that I think anyone would love!


Little Ted Canvas said...

A gorgeous wish list you have there! My hubby always says I'm so difficulat to buy for???!!! I think I should probably put together a little madeit & etsy list of my own...

teddybearswednesday said...

Bless DRMR!!! What an ace bloke I reckon buying you the whole list.
Love those sweet shadow boxes. Great list!

BOB & MABEL said...

Love the list. I have done this in the past and my hubby still can't get it right! WTF???
Go the saltwater sandals, I've have mine for a month or two and LOVE them to bit. So comfy and look super cool.

Lauren said...

What an ace list! I've been lusting after the pear shadow box myself...I'm trying to justify it by saying it would put it in Edwards room :)

Claire Bushby said...

Great list! Those hats are lovely, I was just looking for a cloche hat yesterday and these are very clochish! I just wanted an excuse to say clochish too ; )

Kelly White said...

Hey Sal, missed you being at the FK this past weekend, but we had lots of fun.
I'll find out about the little red teaset, we might have sold out over the weekend, there is an amazing new one with a sleeping wolf in a bed under the lid, which isn't online yet though so i'll try to see what happened!
I love those sandals too, customers keep coming in wearing them at made and they sell them up the road at dragstar for more than little pinwheel so i think you might be right about the pricing!
Hope to see you soon! Hope Rubes wants something great for christmas.
Kelly x

cheska said...

Great idea of coming-up with a wishlist. It would be way easier for them (love ones) to know what to give us for Christmas :) I just hope they get it right though haha :) Love the hats too! :)