Friday, December 31, 2010


So I am sitting here literally wiping tears away at a video of people getting puppies for Christmas.  Which is ridiculous, but I love Christmas and buying presents and can't wait to see that excitement on Rube's face when we buy her something big and unexpected one day.  DrMr is teasing me, but he knows I am sap about those sorts of things.

We have been back from DrMr's parents for Christmas for a few days now - I have been terribly lax with everything, lots of napping, trips to the beach, watching Charlie and Lola in bed with Rubes and eating breakfast, yummy fish lunches in cafes, lemon sorbet... You know.  Just a wonderful and relaxing time which we all needed in the crazy and hectic lead up to Christmas.  Even Ruby is tired.  She has always been a great sleeper, but is napping for 3-4 hours a day, which as parents - is bliss!  If you are feeling jealous that my kid sleeps and yours refuses to nap and still wakes through the night - take heart, my kid refuses to eat and feeding her is the bane of my existence.  If it's not one thing it's the other - cooking in our house is something we both dread (plus DrMr and I like REALLY different food, so neither of us enjoys cooking for the other).  All she will eat is yoghurt, crackers and dip, cheese, sometimes bread, sometimes cereal (if it is someone else's breakfast), mince meat, sometimes spaghetti and mash.  Oh but has no problem with the occasional ice cream or cookie or freddo frog, obviously.  She would still live on milk, which we restrict to before bed, cause she fills up on it all day.  At daycare she will eat everything the other kids eat, but at home - nightmare.  We try not to make it a stress, if she doesn't eat, fine, we don't force it.  But JEEEZ.  Have a freaking strawberry kid.

It's 40 degrees (over 100F for those Northerly) so it's HOT today, we are deciding which beach to visit once Rubes wakes up from her mega-nap.  Our usual NYE involves food, crappy tv and early nights (it's actually like most nights for us, to be honest), but we will have a special day today so that makes up for our complete lack of party-ness tonight.  Don't get me wrong, although we DO go to bed way before midnight, we will wake for fireworks at the stroke of 12 as Georgie likes to bark and go nuts and jump on the bed and try to suffocate us.  So we will be ringing in the new year.  I hope you have something lovely planned and it's exactly as you hoped, whether it be low key or high key, but most importantly, involves your favourite people.

The first half of 2010 was kind of a hard year for us, but we have had a great second half and think that 2011 will be a fairly awesome year.  It's just got that vibe to it, that the best stuff is still coming on it's way.  I believe that and if you said where we'd be a at NYE last year... well, I probably wouldn't have believed you.  We have some changes coming up this year (and DRMR IS PROMISING ME A HOLIDAY) and it's all exciting.

Other things:
Green and yellow are my favourite colours.  Equal bests. FOR FESTIVITY purposes, I picked a sparkly green for my toes for Christmas, but on it was sort of a yellow green and looked like toenail fungus.  So when I got back, I got them painted what I thought was a mustardy yellow colour, but in fact has come across as a lurid fluro orange.  I think I am going to go back to black and leave colour for those able to pick it with some degree of success.

I once stated as a naive pregnant woman that Ruby was not going to have merchandisey stuff... but if you saw her santa stocking you would realise how um... you know, I stopped being uptight and just bought stuff that would make her very happy.  Even in 40 degree temps, she is refusing to take off her yo gabba gabba vans.  Just don't look at her bedroom, it's ridiculous.

Now I have some time, after about 6 (probably more) months packed away, I have set up my sewing machine, got out fabrics and armed with Pip's book, I am going to attempt a dress for Ruby.  You know, as soon as I can get out of bed and pluck up the courage.  I am NEARLY there.  Just one more nap....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, etc.

Now, I have blogged profusely before about crotchet-wonder Julie Ramsden and now this Christmas present has been given, I can tell you what I got Bec.  Julie has made us crotchet versions of our pets

This is Bec's dog  the whippet Vance

And her other whippet Fletch.

So for Christmas I thought long and hard about what to get Bec for Christmas and I approached Julie about possibly making Bec a doll of her husband, D.

And Julie agreed.  And thus Mini D was born.

And it is RIDICULOUSLY good, the photos don't do it justice.  And Bec absolutely loved it, which made me very happy as well.  And Julie remains one of the most awesome crafters I know.  Thank you Julie!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Helen Dardik

I love Helen Dardik's style of illustration, I have a number of prints on my wall at home.  All purchased from her etsy store.  In her blog, she is currently giving away these free gift tags to print and use to add a little colour-joy to your Christmas gifts.  I think they are rather spectacular!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few new things on Georgie Love from Allira Tee for last minute Christmas presents.  Am particularly a fan of this "The Art of Tea Towel Snapping" Tea Towel!  It's $25.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Georgie Love launches something new, people are amazed.

I know the interwebs are totally RUNNING HOT with the question of where's Sal? What is she doing?  For real peeps. And I will be able to tell you more about all of that in detail shortly (this morning: swimming with Rubes, working on new Pearl and Elspeth vintage skirts to go online, chowing down on substandard rocky road and this afternoon I have plans of picking up dry cleaning, hanging out at the park for a bit and dropping things off at Bec's house).  AWESOME RIGHT?  Ah, the crazy crazy, fascinating and glamorous life I lead.  I had an ace friend over last week and she got to join me of an afternoon of reading books to my kid, helping me prepare dinner and bathe aforementioned kid.  I am not sure if she is going to come back again after all that excitement.  That is what you can come to expect from hanging out with me.  Plus, I am pretty sure that my house smells like a combination of dog, ground up weetbix in the carpet and op shops.

Anyway, I didn't come here to brag, I came to tell you about ERIN.  ERIN is my BFF.  We actually met through freaking Livejournal a good ten or more years ago, in very, very different lifetimes.  We've both had and left very unhealthy relationships and are now in these ridiculously content and well adjusted adults in healthy and very happy relationships, which is certainly not the path that you would have thought for us if you HAD met us, or listened in to our conversations over the years.  She is the person who knows ALL my secrets, that I could tell anything to without hesitation or judgement.  And I do, and feel terribly lucky that I have someone I am so close to that I can and I hope you do to.  They are the best presents from the Universe.   Obviously, we have been lucky enough to actually hang out in person too (she lives in the US), and I hope that we will again soon.

It's kind of weird, cause seriously 3/4 of my friends these days I HAVE met on the internet, whether that be through Georgie Love, blogging or what not.  Cause clearly I don't get out much, so you have to make friends where you can find them.

So, Erin and I have been chatting for years about projects and business ideas that we could do together - and we have had and started a number of different things, which have petered out due to time constraints mostly.  Until now, Erin rus a successful Etsy store, selling plus size vintage clothing for the ladiez.  So she is in Op Shops ALL THE TIME, and we came to a mutual agreement that it would also be awesome  for her to stock Georgie Love with some vintage clothing, currently for women and kids, but we are looking at adding menswear soon.  AND SO IT WAS.

So it took me this whole blog entry to finally get to the main point, Georgie Love now has a very limited range of perfect condition 1960s and 1970s clothing for your enjoyment, with more stock coming all the time  Yay!  If there is something you like, the code XMAS will give you 10% off it for good measure.

Monday, December 06, 2010

More Gift Ideas

So, I am languishing on the bed, in front of the fan now that the kidlet is finally having a nap.  I am writing responses for a newspaper interview about online shopping ideas for Christmas (and I don't think they will be prepared for the essay that I have given them... it's uh.. something I am passionate about).  BUT one of my favourite things on my list that I wanted to share with you, is this:

It's a handmade wooden fairy door from Monkeytail and Wellington.   They have premade ones, or you can custom your own, but isn't it the most DELIGHTFUL thing in the universe?  I have given it as a gift in the past, and it is just one of those special things that is an absolute winner for little people with a fairy fascination!

This is what the store says about them:

Not all fairies like to live in the garden. Some are metropolitan dwellers who take to suburban homes and apartment buildings. But how do they get there and where do they live? Well, if you want fairies to enter your home, you need to install a fairy door and we have just the ticket!

Fairy doors can only be opened inwards using Fairy magic and if they are forced open the fairies will see this as a break and enter and will flee to safer pastures. Due to their size, fairy doors are quite delicate and are designed for ornamental purposes only. Your child can still interact with the fairy door, but the idea is to leave letters, teeth and gifts for the fairies to see what magic happens in return.

In our house, we secretly placed the fairy door in a corner outside our children�s bedroom and waited until they had noticed the door themselves. Then a few days later, we sprinkled fairy dust near the entrance to the door and left them a little note from the fairies and some fairy chocolate treats.

Each fairy door comes with a miniature key and a vial of fairy dust, and instructions on how to install your fairy door. Fairy doors attach to the wall with double sided tape and are removable, so if you move home your fairy can move with you! Each door is 1/12th the size of a regular human door, which is approximately 25cm high by 15cm wide.

Each door that we create is unique and one of a kind. We use only child friendly paints and glues.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Please check your kid's homework..

Oh this made me laugh - from funnyexam.  Definitely click to enlarge to read the letter from the parent.