Monday, December 13, 2010

Georgie Love launches something new, people are amazed.

I know the interwebs are totally RUNNING HOT with the question of where's Sal? What is she doing?  For real peeps. And I will be able to tell you more about all of that in detail shortly (this morning: swimming with Rubes, working on new Pearl and Elspeth vintage skirts to go online, chowing down on substandard rocky road and this afternoon I have plans of picking up dry cleaning, hanging out at the park for a bit and dropping things off at Bec's house).  AWESOME RIGHT?  Ah, the crazy crazy, fascinating and glamorous life I lead.  I had an ace friend over last week and she got to join me of an afternoon of reading books to my kid, helping me prepare dinner and bathe aforementioned kid.  I am not sure if she is going to come back again after all that excitement.  That is what you can come to expect from hanging out with me.  Plus, I am pretty sure that my house smells like a combination of dog, ground up weetbix in the carpet and op shops.

Anyway, I didn't come here to brag, I came to tell you about ERIN.  ERIN is my BFF.  We actually met through freaking Livejournal a good ten or more years ago, in very, very different lifetimes.  We've both had and left very unhealthy relationships and are now in these ridiculously content and well adjusted adults in healthy and very happy relationships, which is certainly not the path that you would have thought for us if you HAD met us, or listened in to our conversations over the years.  She is the person who knows ALL my secrets, that I could tell anything to without hesitation or judgement.  And I do, and feel terribly lucky that I have someone I am so close to that I can and I hope you do to.  They are the best presents from the Universe.   Obviously, we have been lucky enough to actually hang out in person too (she lives in the US), and I hope that we will again soon.

It's kind of weird, cause seriously 3/4 of my friends these days I HAVE met on the internet, whether that be through Georgie Love, blogging or what not.  Cause clearly I don't get out much, so you have to make friends where you can find them.

So, Erin and I have been chatting for years about projects and business ideas that we could do together - and we have had and started a number of different things, which have petered out due to time constraints mostly.  Until now, Erin rus a successful Etsy store, selling plus size vintage clothing for the ladiez.  So she is in Op Shops ALL THE TIME, and we came to a mutual agreement that it would also be awesome  for her to stock Georgie Love with some vintage clothing, currently for women and kids, but we are looking at adding menswear soon.  AND SO IT WAS.

So it took me this whole blog entry to finally get to the main point, Georgie Love now has a very limited range of perfect condition 1960s and 1970s clothing for your enjoyment, with more stock coming all the time  Yay!  If there is something you like, the code XMAS will give you 10% off it for good measure.


Fiona said...

Just try and keep me away! You guys are fun, and keep me in popcorn, which is as it should be. x

BOB & MABEL said...

Loving the vintage dresses, very beautiful.

lillipilli said...

Hurrah!! I love vintage frocks!