Friday, December 31, 2010


So I am sitting here literally wiping tears away at a video of people getting puppies for Christmas.  Which is ridiculous, but I love Christmas and buying presents and can't wait to see that excitement on Rube's face when we buy her something big and unexpected one day.  DrMr is teasing me, but he knows I am sap about those sorts of things.

We have been back from DrMr's parents for Christmas for a few days now - I have been terribly lax with everything, lots of napping, trips to the beach, watching Charlie and Lola in bed with Rubes and eating breakfast, yummy fish lunches in cafes, lemon sorbet... You know.  Just a wonderful and relaxing time which we all needed in the crazy and hectic lead up to Christmas.  Even Ruby is tired.  She has always been a great sleeper, but is napping for 3-4 hours a day, which as parents - is bliss!  If you are feeling jealous that my kid sleeps and yours refuses to nap and still wakes through the night - take heart, my kid refuses to eat and feeding her is the bane of my existence.  If it's not one thing it's the other - cooking in our house is something we both dread (plus DrMr and I like REALLY different food, so neither of us enjoys cooking for the other).  All she will eat is yoghurt, crackers and dip, cheese, sometimes bread, sometimes cereal (if it is someone else's breakfast), mince meat, sometimes spaghetti and mash.  Oh but has no problem with the occasional ice cream or cookie or freddo frog, obviously.  She would still live on milk, which we restrict to before bed, cause she fills up on it all day.  At daycare she will eat everything the other kids eat, but at home - nightmare.  We try not to make it a stress, if she doesn't eat, fine, we don't force it.  But JEEEZ.  Have a freaking strawberry kid.

It's 40 degrees (over 100F for those Northerly) so it's HOT today, we are deciding which beach to visit once Rubes wakes up from her mega-nap.  Our usual NYE involves food, crappy tv and early nights (it's actually like most nights for us, to be honest), but we will have a special day today so that makes up for our complete lack of party-ness tonight.  Don't get me wrong, although we DO go to bed way before midnight, we will wake for fireworks at the stroke of 12 as Georgie likes to bark and go nuts and jump on the bed and try to suffocate us.  So we will be ringing in the new year.  I hope you have something lovely planned and it's exactly as you hoped, whether it be low key or high key, but most importantly, involves your favourite people.

The first half of 2010 was kind of a hard year for us, but we have had a great second half and think that 2011 will be a fairly awesome year.  It's just got that vibe to it, that the best stuff is still coming on it's way.  I believe that and if you said where we'd be a at NYE last year... well, I probably wouldn't have believed you.  We have some changes coming up this year (and DRMR IS PROMISING ME A HOLIDAY) and it's all exciting.

Other things:
Green and yellow are my favourite colours.  Equal bests. FOR FESTIVITY purposes, I picked a sparkly green for my toes for Christmas, but on it was sort of a yellow green and looked like toenail fungus.  So when I got back, I got them painted what I thought was a mustardy yellow colour, but in fact has come across as a lurid fluro orange.  I think I am going to go back to black and leave colour for those able to pick it with some degree of success.

I once stated as a naive pregnant woman that Ruby was not going to have merchandisey stuff... but if you saw her santa stocking you would realise how um... you know, I stopped being uptight and just bought stuff that would make her very happy.  Even in 40 degree temps, she is refusing to take off her yo gabba gabba vans.  Just don't look at her bedroom, it's ridiculous.

Now I have some time, after about 6 (probably more) months packed away, I have set up my sewing machine, got out fabrics and armed with Pip's book, I am going to attempt a dress for Ruby.  You know, as soon as I can get out of bed and pluck up the courage.  I am NEARLY there.  Just one more nap....


Miss Kit said...

Merry Xmassy! I think your holiday and NYE plans sound SPLENDID and also very muchly believe that 2011 is going to have delicate shades of awesome!

Love to you and your family and hope you don't melt today. Mwah,

teddybearswednesday said...

WHat a gorgeous post.
Happy New Year to you!!!
I'll be celebrating the Ny in a similar fashion as you.
Crappy TV, early night and a bit of bear making. 2010 was a real mix for me too, very difficult but also some amazing and wonderful things happened!
Hope 2011 is a great one for you!!xo

Virginia said...

Happy Happy New Year!

I'm jealous of your hot weather. It is definitely not. hot. at all. in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!
Love, Love, Love the Vans, I can understand why they are untakeoffable :) I too was of the belief that my children would be unmerchandised - pre thomas, cars and princesses. Oooops!

BTW - I made the Miss Adorable Frock from Pip's book and it's super awesome :)

Happy 2011!