Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Is this your package?

Oh GOSH, SO much to tell, we are finally here in Armidale (well, to be precise INVERGOWRIE, about 15km out).  Here I am trying to get some work done.  It's been SO busy and crazy - Georgie Love Xmas orders (loads) a teething baby (mostly happy, just slightly clingier than usual and a tad harder to get to sleep, which is still a ton easier than loads of other bebes I know) and a super-sensitive toddler trying to cope with new things, new people and a big girl bed.   A kangaroo in our backyard (paddock) even jumped over Georgie yesterday.  I am exhausted, stressed, sore, worn out and highly caffeinated.  But happy.  Mostly happy.  I will write more when things settle down.

(PS: I want a washer-dryer combo for Christmas - is that so wrong?)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We are moving in two days!  To a fairly delightful 7 acre property just out of town.  Will be back online sometime next week.  In the meantime, The Owl Barn have released their second (FREE!) Owl Love Printable Calendar (choose out of 45 options!).

Owl Lover 2012 Calendar

Need a budget gift or something lovely to decorate your wall next year?  LOVE.


(ps: I am a STRESSY, sick, wisdom toothy, hot and cranky mess.  Oh YES.  WHAT A DELIGHT)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Where I mostly whine a lot and feel sorry for myself. Again.

So let's just say that Mama here is a wee bit stressed.  We are moving in about 2.5 weeks and can I just say the days ARE DRAGGING LIKE DEATH.  There are days where we have woken up, watched some Wiggles, had breakfast, played play-doh, magnet pictures, dolls house, made a cake as well as gone through the dress up box and it's only 10:30.  GAH.

I think we are all a bit unsettled, eager to get going and moving forward and anxious about the unknown.

So I also have a baby who just can't seem to go past that 40 minute sleep cycle during the day.  I have been able to extend and resettle her maybe 3 times in 19 weeks, but all day time every day it's just awake for about an hour, asleep for 40 minutes and so on and on and on.  She is obviously as tired and as frustrated as I am about it. She sleeps better at night, she goes to bed around six and sleeps usually 4 or more hours before her first night feed, once or twice 6 or 7 hours straight, but OFTEN like last night she wakes every 60-90 minutes.  I AM TIRED.  

Out of desperation we tried to introduce a little plain solids which she took to like a duck to water (she had been very interested in people eating before hand) and LOVED, but it made nought difference.

Rubes finished daycare last week, so she is home full time which is a novelty for both of us.  This is a relationship that has been really hard to manage recently - she knows about the move and is quite positive about it and the changes coming - she is excited about (pre)school next year, I promised I would enrol her in ballet classes as well (my stifled eye roll and shudder not withstanding) and when we talk about not being able to see our friends as much, she has responded with "that's ok Mama, I am going to make NEW friends!!!!!".  Okey doke.  ANYWAY,  despite all this she is (understandably) needing a ton of extra care and attention at the moment, her panic around strangers is re-emerging, a lot of attention seeking behaviour and tantrums at home and she has lost the ability for independent or solo play, which while I DO play with her often and make sure I give her one-on-one undivided attention every day - all day every day?  No.  So I am working at managing those expectations and demands, while trying to do some gentle parenting and extra TLC.  She quit naps a while ago (she would easily sleep 3-4 hours a day, but wouldn't go to sleep until 9 or later!), so it's a loooong day.  A LOOOOOOOOOOONG DAY.

I have tried to implement a couple of changes that are going ok - despite the lack of nap, I have started an hour (I want to stretch this out to an hour and a half) of bedroom quiet time every day.  Where she has to
have a little sleep if she wants or read or play with something in her room - just so she relearns to play by herself, has that quiet time to re-energise and I get an hour break to just recharge myself.  I am sure all you clever Mamas reading this have been doing this forever already, but it's new to us.  I am looking at restructuring our day and starting a loose routine for the first time - I have not been getting any exercise and I FEEL AS OLD AND DECREPIT AS THE HILLS, so with Lola in the carrier and Ruby in the pram (which is unheard of), we have been going for walks and little adventures around the area.  It will be a good thing to continue in Armidale when we get there, to get to know the area and where the best hot chocolates are.  Yum.

Anyway one thing that she is really excited about and is super happy to work on - we have a little box set aside and we have been doing crafty things to decorate her new bedroom with - painted and pasted glittery flowers and butterflies.  I was thinking tomorrow of making either little colour paper flag or flower bunting for her room.  I am also midst repainting a tiny chest of drawers I made DRMR pick up for us in hard rubbish for Lola, which I have never done before.  I just did the undercoat today, am COVERED in it, but lordy it was fun and satisfying.

My beautiful, sensitive big girl also turned 3 last week.  THREE!  Time has flown.

Whilst in the midst of tidying our stuff, chucking, donating to op shops. stuff also keeps coming back in the house.  I have had a string of oppy good luck lately, and there are some things I just can't resist...

Like fab condition $1 and $2 vintage suitcases (there is 4 there, although admittedly the big trunk was $25, in glorious condition and houses our vastly growing dress up collection) .

Woollen blankets!  We are definitely going to need those in the colder climate, so they are useful and necessary - right?  The crochet one is GORGEOUS, huge, the colours glorious and it's actual wool instead of acrylic.  Happy.

Can't resist a cute nic nac.

And I have been looking for one of these Woman's Weekly recipe boxes for quite a few years - $4 at my second favourite Lions., handwritten recipes included, I am pretty chuffed.

We made these crisp coconut bikkies this morning.  Ruby declares them "the most delicious cookie I have ever eaten".  My teeth are a little sore from the sugar.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big things, small things.

Goodness, it's been literal MONTHS since I updated...

but see this face? It is SLAYING me. Miss Lola has been taking up a lot of my time. She is my super happy, easy going, baby who rarely cries. I get distracted and will start doing one thing and then another and all of a sudden I will hear this little birdy "brrrrack!" chirp from the bedroom and I will go "oh shit! I have a baby!" She is so low key and happy.

AND JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE.... AHHHHHHHKHKJKSDcnmcni!!! I keep looking inside her cheeks for hidden chestnuts.  I have also been absent because I haven't had much to say - I have been busy parenting, baking... I have been sitting here for a few minutes eating smarties, sipping at my tea and trying to figure out what I have been doing for 4 months. Op shopping, cleaning, doing a teeny bit of Georgie Love. Not a lot. But I FINALLY HAVE NEWS. NOT ONLY NEWS, BIG NEWS.

DrMr got a new job. We have been talking about moving out of Melbourne and to a (nice, not rednecky) country town. And it's happened. On 1 December we are moving from Cosmopolitan Melbourne (and to be precise, GLAMOROUS BLACKBURN SOUTH) to Armidale in NSW.

 16 hours away. A town of 25,000. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I am so excited I could burst. Everyone we have told has only ever commented that it is beautiful but cold (it can possibly snow in winter! Squee!). I have been craving a slower lifestyle forever. DrMr and I have been talking a lot over the past few years about what our values are and what we value and what is precious to us. Our family is. Absolutely. We want the best life that we can provide for them and for ourselves. We have actually been talking about and looking at Armidale FOR YEARS, and I saw a job there a few months ago and pushed him to apply. And voila. Big lifestyle change.

I am though a LITTLE STRESSED. There is A LOT to do in the next month. The Uni there is paying for the pack and move which is AWESOME, but I am trying and planning to go through every cupboard and corner to sort and evict unnecessary clutter from the house. I have the most bizarre collections of things in every corner, I would photograph them BUT I HAVE NO TIME. I have started with the kitchen and it is going ok. I have till 1 December, plenty o' time.... right? YES.
OTHER NEWS: I am going to be a stay-at-home mama for the next little while and have no job to go back to which DOES make me a little nervous, BUT I am taking Georgie Love with me. All alone back to being a one-woman-one-dog (and now two kids and a mister) operation. I have neglected Georgie Love a little bit with everything that has gone on the past year and I am actually also SUPER EXCITED to take it back and nurture it a little and invest some time and energy. I have some ideas and plans.

I ALSO bought 46 AMAZING AMAZING (half of them are hand sewn, it's RIDICULOUS) vintage dresses recently and more to come on that later. They are all washed and aired and sitting on my dining table (one of four that I have, did you know I hoard tables and chairs?)

 SO that is it. I imagine with the changes I AM going to blog again more frequently - to keep in touch, to keep in the loop, to process and note all the changes that are going on. Although I have been AWAY, I HAVE been dropping in on blogs daily (read blogs on my iphone in the too many middle of the night breastfeeds) and don't feel like I ahve been out of the loop at all. It's just that no one knows what has been going on with me.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Lovely Annie from Pearl and Elspeth is moving house in the next few weeks and as such is trying to clear out some of her massive collection of vintage fabrics. As a result, for a VERY limited time, you can get her COMPLETELY CUSTOM to your specifications skirt for almost half price, a ridiculous $50!!!!!!! These skirts are very popular and I can definitely recommend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Other things as they occur to me

Whether it's interesting or not, these are my coping mechanisms and cheat sheet for life with a newborn, a toddler and you know all that LIFE STUFF. DrMr and I don't have family in Melbourne that we can rely on, so we kind of have to make do on our own and improvise.

1. I think find the small things that make you feel in control, for me it's doing the dishes and making the beds. It makes me feel like I have my shit together, when in reality I DO NOT. I certainly don't want to imply that I do.

2. Steal all the ideas that your friends use to cope with their life and kids. I have a lovely new friend with THREE very small children, and I feel like I grill and barrage her with questions and then steal all those ideas and recipes and mske them my own.

3. Be kind to yourself as things will settle down. Yesterday was a particularly hideous day home alone with the two and I let Rubes watch ABC2 from when she got up till about 11:30 or so (her nap time, which lasted for three hours). I have a terribly overdeveloped guilt complex about everything, so I try and let that go.

4. When I say I am cooking 4 dinners this week, please understand that they are the quickest and easiest things I can find. I have planned for this week - lamb cutlets, pre-marinated honey and soy chicken sticks, pre-marinated salmon and sausages. These will be served with salad (and I have bought the pre-packaged one), mashed potato (one of the few vegies Rubes will eat, but once you add butter and milk, is it still a healthy vegetable? Rhetorical question that one), broccoli, beans, frozen corn and peas. Anything that can be chucked in with the potatoes I am boiling ready to mash. I am HOPING to roast some sweet potato this week as it's my favourite, but I am not tied to it. I consider all of this cooking. I DO also consider making toasted sandwiches cooking and will not hear otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I DO own a ridiculous amount of cookbooks that I like to browse and fantasise that I would be motivated to cook them one day, or more likely that Maggie Beer is my mama and Nigella my best friend and both adore cooking for me ALL THE TIME.

5. I make sure without fail that I have one-on-one Mama and Ruby time every day, even if it's just for half an hour of undivided and Lola-free attention, when I am not thinking about how revolting that dog smell is and how the start of mould growing in the laundry from additional dryer use is freaking me out. Yesterday we made little people out of toilet rolls and this morning we had a picnic on the kitchen with popcorn and water and played games. There are now pom poms and googly eyes all over the house, but it kind of matches with the ground up bits of popcorn and cornflakes in the carpet. i was looking at the carpet before and thinking I would photograph it to show you but shame got the better of me.

6. I get groceries delivered online. It's $9 in delivery fees but priceless in the lack of pain and trauma in taking the family to the shops. It also gives me the chance to meal plan. I tried a toddler meal delivery place which is not too expensive, but Rubes is so fussy she didn't eat any of the meals.

7. I have been to the shops with just the newborn in a pram or sling, but when I said I have been shopping for new things for me, it's all online. Mostly because it's significantly cheaper, but also because I do hate shopping. The internet is your friend in this regard, I have bought all sorts of things recently, while in bed and a baby on my breast. Often via eBay on my mobile phone at 3am.

Things that are not in control - the house REEKS of dog as I can't remember the last time he had a bath and he is old and stinky. I am still obsessed with the Eucalyptus Oil spray to cover it up. I do need to vacuum every few days with dog hair and toddler crumbs, but I only go as far as I can without removing the cord, which fortunately is the lounge, kitchen, hallway and entrance to bedrooms. I respond very late to any emails. Breastfeeding is kicking my arse at the moment as I have a too rapid letdown, which makes Lola come on and off all throughout a feed and has led to blood and milk blisters on my nipples, blocked ducts and just PAIN. Nothing I can do (apart from change positions, feed from one side at a time etc) until Lola gets a bit older to be able to keep up and appreciate her mama as the milk making goddess she is. All the coming on and off is giving her terrible wind though. And have you seen those chubby cheeks and thighs? Baby likes to feed. Having trouble getting the kids in bed and properly asleep before 9 and I collapse into bed soon after. I wish I was getting more exercise, make that any exercise. DrMr told me he has to teach tomorrow, Wednesday night and next Saturday which brought tears to my eyes as I value our weekends together and countdown to the days when there is an extra pair of hands in the house. After a long night feeding last night, I got to sleep in until 10 as well as given toast and tea in bed. I love that man.

Friday, August 12, 2011

This is how it is

So! Little Lola has been with us nearly 6 weeks, which clearly explains my long absence as we become adjusted to being a family of four. And I also totally forgot that babies turn into little psychos at 6 weeks - the unexplained early evening crying, the constant need to be held all the time, not wanting to suffer a mere minute without a nipple in their mouth. You know, just turning up the amp on every thing.

HOWEVER! I am tired and it shows, but it's going well. Rubes loves her little sister, which we are lucky to behold, but that does not mean we have not experienced some spectacularly obnoxious behaviour along the way, which fortunately is starting to die down.

Other than that: I had a bit of a shopping spree and bought new clothes, make-up and underwear as well as a hair cut (found a rad lady who comes to your house and it's only $45 for one of the cheapest and best cuts I have had) so I feel MORE like myself. I had a real slump a couple of weeks ago, which I think is totally normal, I also turned 35 last week which feels odd. I am not a person to give a hoot about age, but when I filled in a survey recently and had to fill in my age bracket as 35-39... it was pause for thought. I also told DrMr soon after the birth that I could not imagine ever being motivated to cook again, BUT I HAVE. I have been working up from one meal a week, to two, three and this week will be FOUR. We have been subsiding on (hideous) frozen and take away meals. I would love to be passionate about cooking, but I am just not. I have also been making cakes and muffins for some reason. Maybe because it's something I can do fairly easily with a newborn strapped to me.

A list of things which are changing my life (in a far less dramatic way)
1. Changed to a cream cleanser, my skin has never been so happy. I always thought I had oily skin, turns out no, it's dry
2. I am Queen of the Fluffy Hair and I discovered this, and I don't really want to figure out why it is called wool shake, maybe because your hair is like matted wool after... but it's working for me. I LOVE IT.
3. Everyone seems to be going on overseas holidays and we haven't managed anything significant in the 5.5 years we have been together (I know, right?), but we are planning a weekend away in the next few weeks. It's SUPER SUPER kid friendly and isn't in our house, which is the main thing, but it's IN GEELONG. Because that's the kind of kick-arse fancy folks we are. Dontcha' know.

FINALLY what is it about having a baby that makes people (STRANGERS) think that it is appropriate for them to lean into a hooded pram and up into a sleeping baby's face to have a look. LADIES, I DON'T KNOW YOU, BACK THE HELL OFF. Lordy, do I love personal space and boundaries. The other day I had Lola in a carrier on my front, inches from my face and a woman reached in and removed Lola's hoodie hat to have a look at her. Of course I said something, as she turned around in a queue and just started with the hands towards me. I was taken aback and just said "that's enough" and put her hat back on.

I am (as well noted here) a shy person, but I would hope a reasonably FRIENDLY person, however I was saying to DrMr the other day that when people initiate conversations with me in shops and everywhere at the moment about Lola, all I am doing is standing there waiting for it to be over so I can move on and carry on about my business unhindered. I was talking it over with him as it's not necessarily something I want to pass on to my daughters - I am very wary of people I don't know and I don't know if that's a positive thing. I would love to be one of those open people who talks to everyone, but I am just not.

So yeah. This is where things are at.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

She is here!

Ok, so on Sunday morning my waters broke (not in an exciting massive gush like in the movies, more like a slow-leak "oh good lord am I wetting myself?" paranoia), with not much happening until about 8pm when contractions started, with my waking DrMr to take me to the hospital about midnight, calling our lovely friends who were coming to look after Rubes and all that. I think we got there about 12:45am and our little Lola Anaïs Rock was born soon after at 3:06am on 4/7/11 in a big warm bath. I DID get the kind of birth I wanted, and we are all well and happy. Lola is a massive eater and sleeper and all has been really smooth sailing since, which is lovely. Second time around is definitely easier. Rubes has been adjusting fairly well, she started acting out early, but it's already settling down (fingers crossed), we are just giving her as much time and attention as we can - and making sure she quality has one-on-one time with me as well as DrMr (who is doing primary toddler parenting as I seem to have a baby permanently attached to my chest).

(note: Acupuncture seemed to be the ticket for me getting things moving)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey! I am finally on maternity leave (officially, as of today) and am in TOOLS DOWN and resting mode, which is AWESOME. I don't know what possessed me to work up to 37 weeks (this is not Georgie Love I am talking about here, but my part time day job, which is in web stuff at a University). I enjoy my job and it's no stress whatsoever, but when putting in my Mat Leave application, I certainly could not predict how freaking tired I would be. Even though I have done it before and that of course was sans toddler.

Thanks to everyone for their opinions, hints, tips and support about LABOUR. I appreciate and note points from all sides, and although unnecessary, wanted to explain a little about why I am SO KEEN to get baby 2 out a little early. Since about halfway through my preg I have had a displaced pelvis which is uncomfortable, painful and altogether unpleasant and has at times made me cry even to just walk around. I have a rad Osteopath that keeps it under check, but anyway... I have been working since day 1 for an active and natural labour and the longer the baby stays in, the more my pelvis gets mucked around, the less likely that will be. So natural labour encouraging methods it is, and I heartily believe that if she is really not ready, she won't come out, but I can TRY for the sake of the best labour outcome for all of us. This is my plan anyway, and for all of us who have had babies, we know that the best laid plans are as good as worthless! It's not just a matter of convenience.

I HAVE also been very busy trying to tidy up some final Georgie Love work, we have some GORGEOUS casual vintage pieces new online (and to celebrate, the code VINTAGE will give you 20% off any vintage piece in the whole store)

I also love the super-cute nautical themed pieces from Nevertheless. I actually bought one of the pendants before we got any in store, because I could not wait for it.

Back in stock - gorgeous earrings, brooches and pendants from Lauren Williams which always go quickly, cause frankly they are ace.

As are the scarves (and a gorgeous new skirt!) from Frankie and Ray, again, we go through a ton of these, because they are wonderfully made and perfect for winter snuggling!

Anyway, it's past my bedtime (no jokes about that, I am quite serious), so it's TIME TO SLEEP.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Where is my mind?

I made a decision a while ago not to freak out or feel bad about how long it takes for me to get my butt into action to blog. I never wanted to blog out of guilt or obligation (it happens), which I am sure is a familiar feeling to all bloggers out there. I am trying to be easy on myself. I have blog ideas all the time, but thought into action is not my strongest point. I tend to sit on things too long, until they become irrelevant.

So I am 36 and a bit weeks pregnant now, which seems like quite a ridiculous amount, in my head I should be about 22 - but here I am all big and immobile. and CRANKY. Well, maybe not cranky, more vague and mmm... I forget. I am just trying to get a little bit of outstanding Georgie Love work done (new pieces online) before I declare tools down and lie patiently on the floor and wait for it all to begin.

I have decided that this baby should think about coming out at 38 weeks, so I have started acupuncture to encourage her to join the walking world... if you have any tips to encourage the onset of labour, I WOULD LOVE THEM. I will pay you handsomely in kudos and good wishes!

Your infrequent Pal,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

yay and meh

So I have been mostly working VERY hard getting lots of new stuff up on Georgie Love, which is you know, what I do, but I think it's been one of the biggest updates ever - since our birthday in April. Crazy. There is still more to come (isn't there always?), but I will get there soon. Bec and I are debating over who will buy this purple bunting from Pepper Stitches.

We both love bunting, who doesn't? My house is filled with it, there is even bunting in the bathroom. I think this would be perfect for a new bebe room. Which you know, doesn't exist yet, but I like to be prepared.

Other things that have been going on - our crazy neighbours threw a rat they had caught in a trap over our fence. I have had pet rodents previously, so I am not freaked out by rats, I was just very sad to find this little creature struggling for breath. DrMr was required to put it out of it's misery and bury it. We call the police on their crazy antics so much, I should be on first name basis with them all. See, it started with them accusing us of throwing stones at their house/yard/roof (this was never clarified), which of course we have never done - but even if we had, don't you think throwing poor animals over the fence is far worse? To be found by a toddler, pregnant lady and dog in the wee hours of the morning? Bah.

ANYWAY. Enough neighbour drama, we do have plans to move, once we you know have a baby and figure out where we want to live. There are a few things up in the air. I am mostly not stressed by it, it's just annoying and tiring now, and I don't like to have to explain to the Rubester about rats who come to our back door for a drink and a nap before they are going home to their families.

In good news today, pancakes for lunch! oh delicious.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello Mama

In bad parenting news, the only thing I asked for Mother's Day was no-parenting duties for the day... and maybe some time to myself. I DID get both with a long sleep-in, plus as an ADDED MAMA BONUS pancakes and tea in bed, lunch at my favourite seafood cafe and um... you know the choice to do whatever I wanted, which did fortunately did involve mostly hanging out with my loved people in the end. Hooray! Rubes was in a little monster mood most of the day, but DrMr got to enjoy that for the large part of it. Ahhhh...

(* additional side not, if you want to amuse or depress yourself, do a google image search for bad parenting. Hours of fun)

Other than that, things are pretty good at the moment, we are kind of in a state of obsession with babies at the moment - not me so much, I am EXCITED, but kind of you know, I think I know what I am mostly in for. Ruby however is just in a baby-loving fix. She is also insisting on being the/a baby at the moment (photos above is what she thinks babies do - set up a nest for themselves on the kitchen floor, with duck toys, toy dummies and milk). I am kind of pandering to the baby games at the moment, because I am hoping if we do it enough now that she gets sick of it, by the time the new baby comes she will be ALL OVER IT, and ready to be the big sister. Right. Right? Cause that is totally how it all works. We read and re-read a whole ton of books about babies, being big sisters and what to expect, so we are covering the whole BIG SISTER side too. We have had friends visit with their tiny babies too, which is just a hyperventilation attack of excitement, so hopefully we can be as prepared as we can be.

In a side note, the most lovely Rach asked me a few questions about parenting and the like, and I answered them here.

In Georgie Love news, I have a lot on at the moment - heaps of just delightful new stuff that is waiting to go online and new stuff that IS online. I particularly love:

These brooches from Madz has Runaway. Don't tell anyone, but I have snaffled two for myself.

New THIS VERY MORNING are these gorgeous Japanese Cord Fabric Pendants from the ace Lauren Williams.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Neglectful, have a complain and then leave.

So I have been away and busy working on some LIFE STUFF at the moment, I am at 30 weeks pregnant with baby's head already down and UNCOMFORTABLE, and all the relaxin hormones are working TOO well and my pelvis ligaments are TOO RELAXED and ready, which has involved some pain related CRYING while even just walking about but goodness my osteopath is worth her weight in gold.  Apart from that, am healthy - baby is healthy, and the countdown is ON, so you know LET'S FOCUS ON THAT. 

Plus if you have spent any time with me over the past few months, you would have heard some stories about how freaking crazy and unstable our neighbours are.  The short of it is that the for a long time have accused us of throwing rocks at their house/on their roof/in their yard - I am uncertain as to which, it may be all.  I can assure you though, that DrMr and I have not thrown any and if it wasn't so ridiculous and bizarre, it would be very funny.  They are essentially on this intimidation and harassment campaign, which is AWESOME, and we have been remarkably restrained about the whole thing, we assure them we have never thrown anything, etc - but the guy who lives there is super creepy and has set up cameras trying to "catch us" (which he says he has footage of that I AM DYING TO SEE, but you know, he has never been able to show us BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST).  We have been to the police about it, who are encouraging us to get an intervention order in progress, but a little hard to enforce when they are our neighbours.  We are looking at moving, but CONVENIENTLY our lease ends 2 days before I am due to give birth.  MORE AWESOME.


DrMr and I had our first DATE NIGHT in nearly a year on Saturday which was awesome.  We had a delicious dinner, went to a movie and just talked and cuddled a lot, which was so ace.

Tonight is DrMr's 3rd book launch.  With wine and cheese and some very good friends attending.

Mothers Day on Sunday!  I have no idea what I want or need, I am hoping for a SURPRISE.  I did want Spirited Season 1 on DVD as that show was awesome and I am already very excited for Season 2.

Baby girl in the belly is healthy, her size is exactly spot on for her due date, apart from the pelvic pain, I am not having any other issues, she is active and healthy, and yes we can finally confirm it's another lady-bebe!

Ruby is happy, hilarious, in the middle of some shocking behavior, which people assure me is normal for a 2.5 year old.  She is having a playdate with her "favourite boy" from daycare on Friday at our house, which she can not stop talking about. So far I believe date plans include dancing, showing him every toy that she has, and playing trains.  They kiss and cuddle and hold hands ALL DAY at daycare and it's the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


AM CAUGHT UP IN THE TEDIUM OF LIFE STUFF at the moment and I have been trying to be positive about some tricky things that have been going on with our crazy next door neighbours and dodgy people in work environments, but sometimes it's hard to be UP all the time.  Sometimes it's nice to sulk and feel sorry for yourself and eat chocolate and drink tea too, as long as you don't bore others with it.  I have started writing some blogs about it all, and then I get SO BORED OF MY WORDS  and find myself so FREAKING TEDIOUS that I quit before I finish.  So I have been absent trying to sort all that nonsense out.  Really though, we are all happy and in love and healthy, so I should focus on that.  Yes?

BUT TODAY!  It is finally Georgie Love's 5th Birthday and I certainly can't believe it's been 5 years, because good lord, so much good stuff has happened in 5 years.  I am usually more organised with exciting things like GIVEAWAYS and FREEBIES and my favourite, HOOPLA!  But instead, I am going to do something that MAKES IT COUNT for everyone, so if you would like a MASSIVE 20% off anything at Georgie Love from right now until the end of April, go ahead and use the code weare5 to make your purchase.  Hooray!

And seriously, thanks to YOU whoever you are reading this, for taking an interest in a little shop called Georgie Love, a not as little nerd-lady called Sally and an old dog named Georgie who remains invested in sausage digestion.  We certainly couldn't do it without our friends, support and kindness that the internet and blogging community has shown us.  I do genuinely think of us as friends, y'know?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have had a horrid cough and cold type thing (to be honest DrMr and Ruby have too), so I MISSED the glorious Finders Keepers market last weekend, which did make me a little bit sad, but made my wallet quite happy - especially because we just yesterday had to spend $1000 fixing things on DrMr's car.  So you know, maybe for the best.  I have spent lots of time at home, cooped up and quite bored, but most of all PRODUCTIVE.  SO much new stuff on Georgie Love.  Here are some of my favourite things:

Vintage Crockery Necklace from birdofplay

Wooden Jewellery Tree from birdofplay
Ceramic and Sterling Silver Hello Pendant from and O design

Starry Night Brooch from and O Design

Red Origami Crane Stud Earrings from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree
Patchwork Doily Brooch from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree
So you know, LOTS of glorious and varied handmade pieces.  I have to say that I am particularly fond of all of them.  I have been trying (AND DOING) a massive update in time for the Georgie Birthday NUMBER 5.  WHICH IS IN TWO WEEKS.