Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Generic updaties

OK, to begin with GEORGIE LOVE WILL BE DONATING 15% OF PROFITS FOR JANUARY TO THE QLD FLOOD RELIEF.  I wanted to donate some stuff to an auction, but I haven't found the right one yet.
Mark Ryden of course.
We are otherwise continuing to take things quietly at the moment, had a bit of a freak out at the reminder that in 6 months I will be GIVING BIRTH which while beautiful, magical and definitely miraculous, it's also... um (for those who haven't experienced that bliss before) uncomfortable.  I feel better after my first appointment at our chosen hospital and being approved for a know-your-midwife approved care (same carer throughout preg and birth and follow-up care), but I am hoping for a non-medicated birth as a choice for me and my family... so... you know suck it up Sally.    You better believe that my evenings are filled with a significant number of yoga and pilates classes in a week.  Pelvic floor exercises are go!

After the hospital appointments, the start of some little baby kicks being felt over the past week or so, and making the booking for our next scan so we can find out if it's pink or blue at our house (we have a feeling, but definitely want to know for sure!) it's all starting to feel quite real.   No cravings yet, apart from pancakes, but I can't really call those a craving, I can only call it "Wednesday".

We are already planning those first few sleepless weeks.  Going to keep Rubes in daycare for 3 days a week while I am maternity leave, we are lucky to be in a community co-op which she loves, and has had the same carers and kids to play with for the last 18 months, so I think keeping her in her routine with that regular stimulation and time away from exhausted parents and a screaming newborn is a great thing.  And if I can get over my maternal guilt for the first 8 weeks, we may see if we can do 4 days.


1. pre-made sauces
2. packet mix cakes

In order to explain that 1) DrMr is ridiculously cute in that he gets excited that he can add "cooking Thai" to his menu, which involves cutting up chicken, adding frozen vegies and a bottle of green curry thai sauce.  I grew up thinking that premade meals were pretty much FROM THE DEVIL, but you know - we are busy working parents and thanks to them when we occasionally use them, we eat something other than toast or porridge. 

2) DrMr actually prefers the taste of premade cakes to the ones I make.  Probably mostly cause I make cakes he doesn't like (banana, carrot and a really odd-tasting zucchini one the other day).  Rubes loves to bake (lick the bowl), so it's super east to get her involved.

Rubes meanwhile insists that men do not have a penis or testicles, they in fact carry their poos to their front, and obviously in their pants.  DrMr is perturbed by the idea that his child believes he keeps poo in his pants all day.  She refuses to hear otherwise.  She was wearing a plastic gold beaded necklace around her tummy the other day, with a longer section hanging down in between her legs.  "look Mummy! Look at my poos!  Gold poos!".

That photo above illustrates one of the happiest days in Rubes life - the three of us got to ride on Thomas the Tank engine through our local shopping centre last weekend (yes, she is kissing him).  As adults, people came up after the ride was over and actively mocked us after seeing us on it.  People, people please - obviously you have no idea of how willing I am to humiliate myself.for the sake of entertaining my child.I LEARNED and regularly PERFORMED (with red blanket) the iggle piggle dance to entertain her.

Fortunately, now as a mature 2 year old who has grown out of her iggle piggle obsession and is instead fascinated by Charlie and Lola and all I have had to do now is learn how to make pink milk (our recipe : milk, strawberries, dash of pure maple syrup).


Amy said...

I thought that we would be the only family that had 2 little people pointing at male bits and calling them "poos"
hmm. another tidbit to ensure that we are completely normal. --or completely bonkers. not sure.

ever thought of having a doula?

xx have a happy day.

Georgie Love said...

That's hilarious - I am glad there are more out there!!

We had a doula with Ruby's birth, we have been thinking about it for this one, we haven't worked it out yet, but it's definitely an idea and I will be checking out that link - thank you for sharing it! :-)