Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hell and high water.

I can't stop reading the news about the floods.  One of my oldest friends lives in Brisbane and I always assumed they would be safe, but they spent the afternoon stocking up on candles and torch batteries, formulating plans if their house was flooded, that they would be ok with 2 meters and any more would mean their house would be destroyed and you know, they know that they need to get on the roof if it gets worse than that with their 18 month old daughter and 2 dogs. She was just hoping her partner got home from work in the CBD before the river broke and they would be separated.  I think that is the thing that affected me the most, when watching the coverage on just about every station last night - imagining waiting on a roof, with DrMr, Ruby and Georgie.  Trying to explain to a terrified and wet 2 year old that we couldn't go inside because it was wet and unsafe, and that we would have to sit in the pouring rain, waiting to be rescued, when help was unable to get to us because of the terrible weather.  And just waiting. 

It breaks my heart.  Donate if you can.  We are looking for a way for Georgie Love to contribute and will have some ideas soon.


Virginia said...

Oh man. I was just reading about the flooding this morning in Brisbane. Really terrifying stuff. And I cannot imagine going through it with a young child.