Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How are you fairing post Christmas and New Years?  We are still living in toy town, can barely move for all the toys in the house, plus Rubes is obsessed with stickers, so there are stickers EVERYWHERE - lots of random Charlie and Lola pieces here and there.  There was a Sizzles the Dog sticker stuck on the floor next to the dining table for about 4 days before I caved and peeled it off.  If you sit on the couch too long, you might find a scrap of about 50 different things stuck to your leg.

We are still all in holiday mode.

STILL trying to figure out where all the Christmas toys are going to fit.  It's not even like a tetris game, everything is just kind of crammed in and shifted as needs change in the living room.

No one is putting the washing away, if you want clean clothes, just grab something out of the basket (actually, this is a farce and I can't really claim that this is a holiday thing).

My 2011 resolution is (and DrMr's too, coincidentally) is to learn to cook more.  Food is such a drama in our house, but we both want to learn how to cook more things - and more things we BOTH like.  We need inspiration and a wider rotating menu.

I also need to learn how to ice freaking cupcakes.  I am clearly no Masterchef.


Milkwood Design said...

I caved and went to Ikea and bought a massive LACK shelf to hold all the kiddy crap.... we can see the floor again at least. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like your icing in all honesty lol