Monday, February 28, 2011

Design Secrets

Man, I love how Ruby wakes me up from 5-6:30 (we are trying to break a middle of the night milk habit, as well as getting her accustomed to staying in bed until 7), and then falls back asleep when I would happily get up, as DrMr is up and turning lights and noisy things on around the house. But no, it's now past 8am and she is asleep and I am a cranky zombie.

Our "weekender".
So like most of you, I am a fan of The Design Files and love (in a masochistic way) checking out all the magnificently designed and decorated feature homes that pop up from time to time. There are so many creative and inspired people out there. I have oft planned to do one in my blog as a kind of parody with my house. The toys stacked everywhere, the books featured magnificently in our fantastic furniture book shelf, the baskets of unsorted washing in each bedroom (2 in the adults, 1 in the childs), the mismatched child-themed placemats on our ugly 1980s wooden dining table that even guests are forced to use. The foofs of dog hair in corners, the weeds in the garden that are taller than me. Cause you know, if we are one thing, it's definitely fancy. We be fancy folk. I am typing from bed and drinking tea, and noticing that the original 1950s blinds are actually repaired with brown duct tape (not our handiwork).

The family relaxing in our naturally stylish and architecturally designed environment.  The jeans on the bed are placed to be an ironic comment about contemporary family living and the everday working class mother's statement regarding "shortages of time". 
So last night I was overwhelmed, set in a panic and laughing that hysterical and shocked laughter when I discovered that a fairly massive international design blog would "love to consider my home" for a spot on their site. They often have the most delectable homes in Paris, New York, Barcelona etc on display. Yep. We currently live in a rental property in Blackburn. It's certainly not you know. Classy. I am a person who likes to say yes to everything, no matter how humiliating, so I am awaiting more information. I note that they do word the email "would love to consider your home"... which means that once they do see the duct tape blinds, cranky owl chalkboard declaring "what the f*&k is for dinner?", and "hard rubbish inspired" furniture, they can politely decline.

Our creative use of space.  We like to play with the idea of post-modern design minimalism.  I have actually put the play house away for the moment, as it was driving me insane.  And summer was not the time to be sitting in a tiny plastic house.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Advice from Cartoon Princesses

DrMr doesn't quite understand why I am not super-keen (read: desperately loathing of) on the cult of pink princesses entering our house - we don't watch/read any princess stories and yet Ruby is still already excited to see princess yoghurt or soap.  Hmmm.

These were sent to me by a friend at work and fellow toddler parent.  There is also Snow White and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Monday, February 21, 2011

SO our sonographer/radiologist (who are those people again?) in our 20 week scan today said when asked "I think it may be a girl... and that is all I am saying on the matter" and then he left the room.  So we may be having another girl.  It's just that no one is sure - let alone us, or the sonographer guy who didn't take the opportunity to have a proper look.  Damnit.  Baby is healthy and ace though.

Just deciding if I have it in me to pay $110 for a second look.  Cause surely we will have another scan at some point in this baby making business?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Car Music

I am getting a little tired of our usual kid's music in the car, fortunately Rubes understands about taking turns, so we listen to a cd of hers, and then a cd of mine.  For her we have a few things covered - all 3 Justine Clarke cds, a couple of Yo Gabba Gabba soundtracks, a Charlie and Lola soundtrack, the Waybuloo soundtrack (which is beyond hellish, it's awful), and one or two others I have seemed to blocked out.  What do you listen to?  We need something new.  I have downloaded some sweet ones from itunes, but they are a little too twee - even for me and Rubes won't have a bar of them.

Rubes is obsessed with this song by Laura Marling though - we all love her.  She likes to sing along (without really knowing the words), but feels a little self conscious about it, if I turn to smile at her while it's on, she will cover her eyes and say "go away Mummy!".  BUT if you have never heard a two year old attempt a falsetto... well, you are certainly missing out on one of the most joyfully sweet and hilarious things in the whole world.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Man, it never ends.  I have blogged before about how much I loved the fairy doors I have seen (and bought) over the years from Monkeytail and Wellington, who unfortunately have now closed the doors on their online store earlier this year, but you can still find their gorgeous doors from their new store on etsy.
 (I have to point out that I do not know the makers either!)

I was quite disturbed to see yesterday on a madeit newsletter, an almost identical product.  These doors are also gorgeous.  The door designs are a little different, but the photography is a complete rip-off as is the descriptions they used to described their product..  If you didn't know that Monkeytail and Wellington (an Australian brand also) existed, you would probably not know about the complete dodginess of it all.

The whole thing depresses me terribly and I hate seeing something pop-up, so closely inspired by, if not completely copying an existing maker.  We have all seen it before and obviously it happens far too frequently - it's like there is a dearth of creative minds or originality.  I personally am of the belief that copycats do not prosper - they can't - they lack the creativity and dynamism to progress and flourish.

To be honest, there are parts of being an online handmade retailer that I don't enjoy - and this is one of them.  Georgie Love is and has always been a labour of love and passion - it's goal was never to make oodles of money (cause lordy, I certainly don't), but to support, encourage and promote handmade makers in Australia, which I remain committed to.  The community and market has changed though - it's certainly bigger and a lot more people are having a hand in making and trying to run a successful creative business, which is wonderful.  There are creative, talented people getting the recognition and support they deserve, I am wholeheartedly for all for that. 

It is not however as fun and rewarding as it used to be - people's motivations have changed, people are less nice perhaps or maybe more cynical.  There is less joy in the art of simply making. Or maybe I am more cynical, having seen so much change and a fair bit of ugliness.  I don't know what the solution is.


I have been terribly slack with this, but I recently got a new range of some fantastic new, immaculate condition vintage pieces from my best matey Erin.  This 1950-60 Mad Men style dress is a particular fave and the colour is just gorgeous.

Vintage baby wear, just a few pieces pop up now and then!

And also for the smallest people in your life - a big range of handmade felt food to get your little master chefs inspired!  From the cutely named Felt Like Playtime!
In toddler news... my kid has a pretty impressive vocabulary for a 27 month old.  It's convenient being able to have a conversation and get a legible response.  However, I have also noticed that the more words she can say, the more things she can ask for, and it just doesn't stop. EVER.

Ruby: "Mummy, I need money in my wallet"
Me: "What are you going to buy with your money?"
Ruby: "I am going to the Op Shop to buy toys for Ruby Rock and then I am going to the comic book shop".

Random Things she has asked for in the past week:

1. "I want a pony Mummy, please".
2. "I want a beard"
3. "I want an ocean"
4. I want a robot"
5. "I want a lawn"
6. "I want a car"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hadn't realised that I had not blogged in such a long time.  I guess because mainly there is not much news to tell, I have been feeling busy but without doing a lot of stuff.  It's crazy how much the every day just working, living, loving, parenting, house and pet stuff can fill in your time.  Plus with baby 2 baking nicely away, that's starting to tire me out.It's mostly been an easy run, after a hideous first 13 weeks, for the past few since then I barely felt pregnant (apart from regular kicks, thank goodness) - just the past few days I am starting to get that indigestion loveliness, trouble sleeping, breathlessness and sort of general awareness of a change in shape and balance.  We find out the flavour at our 20 week scan on Monday.  Have to say, pretty excited about that.

It's hard rubbish in our area and I am again amazed with the rubbish from our front lawn that people have taken.  In the last one, people took a horrible old fly swatter (belonging to previous owners) and a knotted up wind chime, which astounded me.  THIS ROUND, people have snatched up:

1. our old mattress.  Even though we are nice and clean people, still *SHUDDER*.
2. 3 of the mouldiest and most revolting dog bowls that you have ever seen.  I mean seriously there was like 5 different coloured moulds in there.
3. an old pram that dwelled in our old rat infested garage, it most likely had rat poo on it somewhere
4. a broken toy pram
5. a coffee table without the legs

I DID however pick up - a bigger fish tank and filter, our fishies have outgrown their tank, a Kenwood Chef Mixer - I work with an IT/electronics guy and I can hear him whizzing it up and rchecking it out in out lab, and a ride on car toy for Rubes.  Which will add to the collection of bikes and trikes that I have picked up in hard rubbish previously, which are clearly successfully breeding in the back yard.

ALSO, I burnt the buggery out of my saucepan making broccoli soup, does anyone have a remedy that actually works?