Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hadn't realised that I had not blogged in such a long time.  I guess because mainly there is not much news to tell, I have been feeling busy but without doing a lot of stuff.  It's crazy how much the every day just working, living, loving, parenting, house and pet stuff can fill in your time.  Plus with baby 2 baking nicely away, that's starting to tire me out.It's mostly been an easy run, after a hideous first 13 weeks, for the past few since then I barely felt pregnant (apart from regular kicks, thank goodness) - just the past few days I am starting to get that indigestion loveliness, trouble sleeping, breathlessness and sort of general awareness of a change in shape and balance.  We find out the flavour at our 20 week scan on Monday.  Have to say, pretty excited about that.

It's hard rubbish in our area and I am again amazed with the rubbish from our front lawn that people have taken.  In the last one, people took a horrible old fly swatter (belonging to previous owners) and a knotted up wind chime, which astounded me.  THIS ROUND, people have snatched up:

1. our old mattress.  Even though we are nice and clean people, still *SHUDDER*.
2. 3 of the mouldiest and most revolting dog bowls that you have ever seen.  I mean seriously there was like 5 different coloured moulds in there.
3. an old pram that dwelled in our old rat infested garage, it most likely had rat poo on it somewhere
4. a broken toy pram
5. a coffee table without the legs

I DID however pick up - a bigger fish tank and filter, our fishies have outgrown their tank, a Kenwood Chef Mixer - I work with an IT/electronics guy and I can hear him whizzing it up and rchecking it out in out lab, and a ride on car toy for Rubes.  Which will add to the collection of bikes and trikes that I have picked up in hard rubbish previously, which are clearly successfully breeding in the back yard.

ALSO, I burnt the buggery out of my saucepan making broccoli soup, does anyone have a remedy that actually works?


teddybearswednesday said...

I know that feeling of being busy but not having anything to report, anytime someone asks me, so how was your week, I feel a blank, even though I've been really busy.
I've heardy baking soda works on burnt pots.
I hope it wasn't a favourite pot xo

Fiona said...

Don't eat broccoli.