Thursday, February 17, 2011

In toddler news... my kid has a pretty impressive vocabulary for a 27 month old.  It's convenient being able to have a conversation and get a legible response.  However, I have also noticed that the more words she can say, the more things she can ask for, and it just doesn't stop. EVER.

Ruby: "Mummy, I need money in my wallet"
Me: "What are you going to buy with your money?"
Ruby: "I am going to the Op Shop to buy toys for Ruby Rock and then I am going to the comic book shop".

Random Things she has asked for in the past week:

1. "I want a pony Mummy, please".
2. "I want a beard"
3. "I want an ocean"
4. I want a robot"
5. "I want a lawn"
6. "I want a car"


Bec said...

Look at that sweet baby girl, who isn't so much a baby girl anymore but a discerning, beautiful, precious, clever button who after 27 months has finally worked out I am NOT a stranger! Yay for Bec (said just like Ruby) and cake!! xx

melissa said...

It's funny how toddlers can be so, well, annoying one minute and then the next moment so amazingly amusing.