Monday, February 21, 2011

SO our sonographer/radiologist (who are those people again?) in our 20 week scan today said when asked "I think it may be a girl... and that is all I am saying on the matter" and then he left the room.  So we may be having another girl.  It's just that no one is sure - let alone us, or the sonographer guy who didn't take the opportunity to have a proper look.  Damnit.  Baby is healthy and ace though.

Just deciding if I have it in me to pay $110 for a second look.  Cause surely we will have another scan at some point in this baby making business?


Lauren said...

What a shame you couldn't find out for sure...I wouldn't be able to wait and would have booked in for another scan straight away. Very happy to hear bubs is healthy and ace :)

Mama Mogantosh said...

Too, toop funny. I remembered this clip late in bed last night and was going to look for it today...pregnant morphic resonance.

When I had Ivy, we decided not to have the nuchal scan and the scanner raised her eyebrows, obviously measured the nexk fold anywayu and then said 'Um, how old are you again?' and when I said '35' said 'Righhhhht....' in an 'Oh, you're screwed' way.

Bitchy bitch!

Hope you're feeling well otherwise. xx

Veronica Darling... said...

I just watched this last week! I was doing 'research' since these girls are coming to the comedy festival. Hee hee!