Friday, March 11, 2011

Blind man with a blind guide dog...

If this story doesn't make you go AWWW... and make you feel a little happier and smooshy inside, then I am not sure we can be friends anymore.

ALSO, IT'S THE WEEKEND PEOPLE and Rubes is in the midst of her Friday-post-3-consecutive-days-at-daycare 4 hour nap.  We usually have very quiet and lazy days, but we do have a Friday morning tradition of spending time together having a babycino at a local cafe.  Today they gave us 5 marshmallows each, which is ridiculous.

But happy making for a 2 1/2 year old.  She told me today before we left that she was going to eat 4 marshmallows today (indicating that she would be stealing mine too), but the cafe staff thought we needed a sugar hit obviously.  The perfect thing for a pregnant lady and a toddler : SUGAR. Ahem.

This is only half as bad as how she looked at the end of it.  But LOOK AT ALL THE SUGAR-INDUCED JOY.   I love this time with her every week, after a few days apart.  I really look forward to it.

Once a week.  We can deal with the sugar fallout!

Don't forget, you have TWO more days to enter the Frankie and Ray scarflet giveaway.  Don't worry if your favourite colour is gone, as I have 5 more up my sleeve (and by my sleeve, I mean waiting at Bec's house to be photographed by me and put online).

Also new this week: a big new range of Pearl and Elspeth vintage fabric skirts.  These sell out super fast when I have them in (in the past 24 or so hours, two have already gone).  They are ace and the new range is all in the most Autumny perfect colours and weights.

Other than that, I am going to try and get to the craft hatch market this weekend.  Rubes sleeps from like midday till about 3 usually, which makes getting anywhere to do ANYTHING kind of tricky for us (and I have 10:30 am yoga classes both weekend days, which I am loathe to miss).  I DO want to check out this one, as I have been wanting a Teddybears Wednesday softie for the unborn bebe for a while (and I have my eye on you Frank) and check out the lovely Joey Nomad pieces too.

If I am lax at saying hello, please understand that I am RIDICULOUSLY SHY and AWKWARD and feel like a tool pointing myself out in public, but I will be the one wrangling sticky toddler fingers off of everything, and holding hands with a bemused and beardy DrMr.  Whatever you are doing, may it be MOST EXCELLENT.  And remember:

The muppet is awake, till NEXT TIME.


JoeyNomad said...

let's be awkward together - i'm the same. I will be sitting behind my stall with a ziplock plastic bag - 'scuse the retching! Would be lovely to finally meet you! xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh, you girls! How cute is that Ruby Rock? I love a toddler smeared in chocolate.

Lauren said...

enjoy your weekend! Eddie has a 'Howie Bear' but I haven't let him touch it yet...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous skirts! I have to wait to find out what shape I'll be after I have the baby before I can get one, though. I've been mooning over various Pearl & Elspeth items on Georgie Love for my whole pregnancy :)

I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and can't imagine the state I'd be in if I wasn't doing yoga. Keep it up! I've strained a muscle and am worried that I'm going to have to give up yoga soon, but it's been such good birth preparation, I think. (Not that I'd know, it's my first time, but I feel so much stronger and more balanced and better in tune with my body.)