Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Breaking up with old flames

Yep, that's my bag
So. I have been on the hunt for the perfect handbag.  I have a Nancybird Bag which was/is my every day one, but it's kind of got a narrow opening which means rummaging through it in a hurry (which I do on multiple occasions every day) ca take me too long to find anything.  So I have spent literally HOURS looking at bags trying to find the next perfect bag to take everywhere.  I have searched etsy, madeit, Australian stores... everything (usually late at night in bed).  I support handmade items and Australian-made industry so I do take those factors into consideration as much as I can before a purchase.  And not everywhere is forthcoming about where their materials are produced - materials sourced locally does not mean an item is produced locally.

I have quite the collection of Nicola Cerini bags, which I have always liked and I know they are made here in Australia - and the price reflects that.  They are practically made from the highest quality materials and just last and last.  I have friends who have worked closely with Nicola for a number of years and have been lucky to visit her gorgeous studio a number of times and can vouch for a wonderfully made, locally produced product.

So back to my bag search, I am absolutely in love with this stunning bag from the new Nancybird range.  IN LOVE WITH IT.

JUST LOOK at it.  It's just so beautiful (more than anything else, I do love a good bag).  I have always loved Nancybird and have several of their bags.Their leather is the softest you could feel and is Italian produced and they use local Australian designers for their fabrics (which is also often hand printed locally).  They are beautiful and good lord do I covet this bag.  I was even tempted to save up my pocket money properly and buy it.  It's $365.  I have had the opportunity to buy them wholesale from industry fairs, but I did not think I could wait for it.

Click me big to read tag
But see despite that in all of it's luscious beautifulness, it's made in China.  My Georgie partner Bec found this tag in one of her Nancybird bags and she refuses to buy another.  For the price and "Australianness' of the brand, this is disappointing to me.  I have always thought I have been buying and supporting Australian owned and made items.  I would love to be absolutely wrong about this, so if anyone at Nancybird wants to tell me that I am wrong, then I would gladly listen and amend this.

Look, this isn't meant to come across as a harsh critique, because I am in two minds and the bag absolutely CALLS TO ME IN MY SLEEP, but I am curious about other people's opinions and ideas. Does discovering this sort of thing disuade you from making a purchase?  Does it influence your decision making at all?

I think un-ideal manufacturing conditions is almost inevitable and I try and make informed decisions as much as I can, but I think I also almost subconsciously have a what I don't know, won't hurt me mentality about it all, which is not something that I am exceptionally proud about.


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

How funny!!! About 10 minutes ago I bought a new bag on etsy that I have been looking at for aaaaaages... mine is two big and has no internal pockets but it is the most beautiful brown leather and made in Australia... now I am past the days of having to carry all the extras for Busy.

I just bought this: http://www.etsy.com/transaction/44770373

Julie said...

i have a hand in the buying for our shop, and we are 98percent Australian made. we tried to source all of our goods here, but found that the public were not willing to pay that price.The lovely customers that are willing are repeat customers, and they know what they are paying for -which i love. I would suggest looking at TeMono.com. He is in our shop, and does beautiful work, all made here :)

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...


I always assumed Nancybird was made in Aus too, but obviously not.

I always wonder why, if the working conditions are so *fair*, things aren't just manufactured in Australia instead.

P.S. - pig purse!

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh, I'm devastated. I've always been such a fan of the NancyBird brand. Part of the appeal has always been the local manufacture as well as the lovely designs. I guess we could always send them our thoughts. Feedback from the customer(s) should make some impression, surely.

CurlyPops said...

The only other thing I can think of is to maybe look at handbag patterns and choose one with all the features that you like and have someone make it for you?

Davia said...

Sally;I have sent you an offer via email to good to refuse. Check it out and get back to me. :)