Thursday, May 19, 2011

yay and meh

So I have been mostly working VERY hard getting lots of new stuff up on Georgie Love, which is you know, what I do, but I think it's been one of the biggest updates ever - since our birthday in April. Crazy. There is still more to come (isn't there always?), but I will get there soon. Bec and I are debating over who will buy this purple bunting from Pepper Stitches.

We both love bunting, who doesn't? My house is filled with it, there is even bunting in the bathroom. I think this would be perfect for a new bebe room. Which you know, doesn't exist yet, but I like to be prepared.

Other things that have been going on - our crazy neighbours threw a rat they had caught in a trap over our fence. I have had pet rodents previously, so I am not freaked out by rats, I was just very sad to find this little creature struggling for breath. DrMr was required to put it out of it's misery and bury it. We call the police on their crazy antics so much, I should be on first name basis with them all. See, it started with them accusing us of throwing stones at their house/yard/roof (this was never clarified), which of course we have never done - but even if we had, don't you think throwing poor animals over the fence is far worse? To be found by a toddler, pregnant lady and dog in the wee hours of the morning? Bah.

ANYWAY. Enough neighbour drama, we do have plans to move, once we you know have a baby and figure out where we want to live. There are a few things up in the air. I am mostly not stressed by it, it's just annoying and tiring now, and I don't like to have to explain to the Rubester about rats who come to our back door for a drink and a nap before they are going home to their families.

In good news today, pancakes for lunch! oh delicious.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello Mama

In bad parenting news, the only thing I asked for Mother's Day was no-parenting duties for the day... and maybe some time to myself. I DID get both with a long sleep-in, plus as an ADDED MAMA BONUS pancakes and tea in bed, lunch at my favourite seafood cafe and um... you know the choice to do whatever I wanted, which did fortunately did involve mostly hanging out with my loved people in the end. Hooray! Rubes was in a little monster mood most of the day, but DrMr got to enjoy that for the large part of it. Ahhhh...

(* additional side not, if you want to amuse or depress yourself, do a google image search for bad parenting. Hours of fun)

Other than that, things are pretty good at the moment, we are kind of in a state of obsession with babies at the moment - not me so much, I am EXCITED, but kind of you know, I think I know what I am mostly in for. Ruby however is just in a baby-loving fix. She is also insisting on being the/a baby at the moment (photos above is what she thinks babies do - set up a nest for themselves on the kitchen floor, with duck toys, toy dummies and milk). I am kind of pandering to the baby games at the moment, because I am hoping if we do it enough now that she gets sick of it, by the time the new baby comes she will be ALL OVER IT, and ready to be the big sister. Right. Right? Cause that is totally how it all works. We read and re-read a whole ton of books about babies, being big sisters and what to expect, so we are covering the whole BIG SISTER side too. We have had friends visit with their tiny babies too, which is just a hyperventilation attack of excitement, so hopefully we can be as prepared as we can be.

In a side note, the most lovely Rach asked me a few questions about parenting and the like, and I answered them here.

In Georgie Love news, I have a lot on at the moment - heaps of just delightful new stuff that is waiting to go online and new stuff that IS online. I particularly love:

These brooches from Madz has Runaway. Don't tell anyone, but I have snaffled two for myself.

New THIS VERY MORNING are these gorgeous Japanese Cord Fabric Pendants from the ace Lauren Williams.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Neglectful, have a complain and then leave.

So I have been away and busy working on some LIFE STUFF at the moment, I am at 30 weeks pregnant with baby's head already down and UNCOMFORTABLE, and all the relaxin hormones are working TOO well and my pelvis ligaments are TOO RELAXED and ready, which has involved some pain related CRYING while even just walking about but goodness my osteopath is worth her weight in gold.  Apart from that, am healthy - baby is healthy, and the countdown is ON, so you know LET'S FOCUS ON THAT. 

Plus if you have spent any time with me over the past few months, you would have heard some stories about how freaking crazy and unstable our neighbours are.  The short of it is that the for a long time have accused us of throwing rocks at their house/on their roof/in their yard - I am uncertain as to which, it may be all.  I can assure you though, that DrMr and I have not thrown any and if it wasn't so ridiculous and bizarre, it would be very funny.  They are essentially on this intimidation and harassment campaign, which is AWESOME, and we have been remarkably restrained about the whole thing, we assure them we have never thrown anything, etc - but the guy who lives there is super creepy and has set up cameras trying to "catch us" (which he says he has footage of that I AM DYING TO SEE, but you know, he has never been able to show us BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST).  We have been to the police about it, who are encouraging us to get an intervention order in progress, but a little hard to enforce when they are our neighbours.  We are looking at moving, but CONVENIENTLY our lease ends 2 days before I am due to give birth.  MORE AWESOME.


DrMr and I had our first DATE NIGHT in nearly a year on Saturday which was awesome.  We had a delicious dinner, went to a movie and just talked and cuddled a lot, which was so ace.

Tonight is DrMr's 3rd book launch.  With wine and cheese and some very good friends attending.

Mothers Day on Sunday!  I have no idea what I want or need, I am hoping for a SURPRISE.  I did want Spirited Season 1 on DVD as that show was awesome and I am already very excited for Season 2.

Baby girl in the belly is healthy, her size is exactly spot on for her due date, apart from the pelvic pain, I am not having any other issues, she is active and healthy, and yes we can finally confirm it's another lady-bebe!

Ruby is happy, hilarious, in the middle of some shocking behavior, which people assure me is normal for a 2.5 year old.  She is having a playdate with her "favourite boy" from daycare on Friday at our house, which she can not stop talking about. So far I believe date plans include dancing, showing him every toy that she has, and playing trains.  They kiss and cuddle and hold hands ALL DAY at daycare and it's the cutest thing ever.