Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Neglectful, have a complain and then leave.

So I have been away and busy working on some LIFE STUFF at the moment, I am at 30 weeks pregnant with baby's head already down and UNCOMFORTABLE, and all the relaxin hormones are working TOO well and my pelvis ligaments are TOO RELAXED and ready, which has involved some pain related CRYING while even just walking about but goodness my osteopath is worth her weight in gold.  Apart from that, am healthy - baby is healthy, and the countdown is ON, so you know LET'S FOCUS ON THAT. 

Plus if you have spent any time with me over the past few months, you would have heard some stories about how freaking crazy and unstable our neighbours are.  The short of it is that the for a long time have accused us of throwing rocks at their house/on their roof/in their yard - I am uncertain as to which, it may be all.  I can assure you though, that DrMr and I have not thrown any and if it wasn't so ridiculous and bizarre, it would be very funny.  They are essentially on this intimidation and harassment campaign, which is AWESOME, and we have been remarkably restrained about the whole thing, we assure them we have never thrown anything, etc - but the guy who lives there is super creepy and has set up cameras trying to "catch us" (which he says he has footage of that I AM DYING TO SEE, but you know, he has never been able to show us BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST).  We have been to the police about it, who are encouraging us to get an intervention order in progress, but a little hard to enforce when they are our neighbours.  We are looking at moving, but CONVENIENTLY our lease ends 2 days before I am due to give birth.  MORE AWESOME.


DrMr and I had our first DATE NIGHT in nearly a year on Saturday which was awesome.  We had a delicious dinner, went to a movie and just talked and cuddled a lot, which was so ace.

Tonight is DrMr's 3rd book launch.  With wine and cheese and some very good friends attending.

Mothers Day on Sunday!  I have no idea what I want or need, I am hoping for a SURPRISE.  I did want Spirited Season 1 on DVD as that show was awesome and I am already very excited for Season 2.

Baby girl in the belly is healthy, her size is exactly spot on for her due date, apart from the pelvic pain, I am not having any other issues, she is active and healthy, and yes we can finally confirm it's another lady-bebe!

Ruby is happy, hilarious, in the middle of some shocking behavior, which people assure me is normal for a 2.5 year old.  She is having a playdate with her "favourite boy" from daycare on Friday at our house, which she can not stop talking about. So far I believe date plans include dancing, showing him every toy that she has, and playing trains.  They kiss and cuddle and hold hands ALL DAY at daycare and it's the cutest thing ever.


Fiona said...

Whooo, go DrMr! And you and your baby of course (and Ruby so she doesn't feel left out.) I'm going to cover my ears when you say pregnancy is anything but puppies and buttercups though. *LALALA*

Have you considered getting strangers to pelt rocks at them into the other side of their house to get you off the hook? Or maybe just dropping a boulder on their heads?

Milkwood Design said...

Your neighbours are insane. Lucky they have such reasonable neighbours in you... I would be calling the cops every day.

Pelvic pain... don't be afraid to go on crutches if you need to - it forces you to slow down, and takes some of the pain out of walking. Through my 5 years of pregnancy-pelvic-pain-related physiotherapy, I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fitwise Physio in East Melbourne - all they do is preggers and incontinent ladies. Also, Pregnancy Water Classes with a physio are exceedingly helpful, with reformer pilates coming in a close 2nd. And it is an EXCELLENT excuse to put your feet up and shop online. Enjoy your last few months!!

leslie said...

baby GIRL?? did i miss the announcement? so glad you found out and super happy you're having another girl, too. sisters are ace : )