Thursday, May 19, 2011

yay and meh

So I have been mostly working VERY hard getting lots of new stuff up on Georgie Love, which is you know, what I do, but I think it's been one of the biggest updates ever - since our birthday in April. Crazy. There is still more to come (isn't there always?), but I will get there soon. Bec and I are debating over who will buy this purple bunting from Pepper Stitches.

We both love bunting, who doesn't? My house is filled with it, there is even bunting in the bathroom. I think this would be perfect for a new bebe room. Which you know, doesn't exist yet, but I like to be prepared.

Other things that have been going on - our crazy neighbours threw a rat they had caught in a trap over our fence. I have had pet rodents previously, so I am not freaked out by rats, I was just very sad to find this little creature struggling for breath. DrMr was required to put it out of it's misery and bury it. We call the police on their crazy antics so much, I should be on first name basis with them all. See, it started with them accusing us of throwing stones at their house/yard/roof (this was never clarified), which of course we have never done - but even if we had, don't you think throwing poor animals over the fence is far worse? To be found by a toddler, pregnant lady and dog in the wee hours of the morning? Bah.

ANYWAY. Enough neighbour drama, we do have plans to move, once we you know have a baby and figure out where we want to live. There are a few things up in the air. I am mostly not stressed by it, it's just annoying and tiring now, and I don't like to have to explain to the Rubester about rats who come to our back door for a drink and a nap before they are going home to their families.

In good news today, pancakes for lunch! oh delicious.


JoeyNomad said...

PSYCHOS!!!! Move as fast as you can! They are not right in the head!!! We are moving to somewhere around Bentleigh - have you looked around there? x

Vic said...

b) WTF? I mean, WTF? Yeach. :(

vancybec said...

salmo, you know im not one to throw around insults but in all honesty, and in the interests of frankness - these people are plain old barmy...and a little sad. sad in that they have resorted to nearly killing innocent animals and leaving them to suffer but also sad in that their lives are so empty that they have to create drama for fulfillment. b.a.r.m.y!!
in other news, i hear that the ruby child digs the park in my hood - trendy inner city burb it is not, family friendly beach nearby it is! what more could you ask for I hear you say - what about if i throw in the said awesome purple bunting to sweeten the deal!?!

romantic gift said...

I love the bush. I wish I had one for my neighbour. They make too much noise.

Hosted Exchange Email said...

Loved the bush!