Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey! I am finally on maternity leave (officially, as of today) and am in TOOLS DOWN and resting mode, which is AWESOME. I don't know what possessed me to work up to 37 weeks (this is not Georgie Love I am talking about here, but my part time day job, which is in web stuff at a University). I enjoy my job and it's no stress whatsoever, but when putting in my Mat Leave application, I certainly could not predict how freaking tired I would be. Even though I have done it before and that of course was sans toddler.

Thanks to everyone for their opinions, hints, tips and support about LABOUR. I appreciate and note points from all sides, and although unnecessary, wanted to explain a little about why I am SO KEEN to get baby 2 out a little early. Since about halfway through my preg I have had a displaced pelvis which is uncomfortable, painful and altogether unpleasant and has at times made me cry even to just walk around. I have a rad Osteopath that keeps it under check, but anyway... I have been working since day 1 for an active and natural labour and the longer the baby stays in, the more my pelvis gets mucked around, the less likely that will be. So natural labour encouraging methods it is, and I heartily believe that if she is really not ready, she won't come out, but I can TRY for the sake of the best labour outcome for all of us. This is my plan anyway, and for all of us who have had babies, we know that the best laid plans are as good as worthless! It's not just a matter of convenience.

I HAVE also been very busy trying to tidy up some final Georgie Love work, we have some GORGEOUS casual vintage pieces new online (and to celebrate, the code VINTAGE will give you 20% off any vintage piece in the whole store)

I also love the super-cute nautical themed pieces from Nevertheless. I actually bought one of the pendants before we got any in store, because I could not wait for it.

Back in stock - gorgeous earrings, brooches and pendants from Lauren Williams which always go quickly, cause frankly they are ace.

As are the scarves (and a gorgeous new skirt!) from Frankie and Ray, again, we go through a ton of these, because they are wonderfully made and perfect for winter snuggling!

Anyway, it's past my bedtime (no jokes about that, I am quite serious), so it's TIME TO SLEEP.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Where is my mind?

I made a decision a while ago not to freak out or feel bad about how long it takes for me to get my butt into action to blog. I never wanted to blog out of guilt or obligation (it happens), which I am sure is a familiar feeling to all bloggers out there. I am trying to be easy on myself. I have blog ideas all the time, but thought into action is not my strongest point. I tend to sit on things too long, until they become irrelevant.

So I am 36 and a bit weeks pregnant now, which seems like quite a ridiculous amount, in my head I should be about 22 - but here I am all big and immobile. and CRANKY. Well, maybe not cranky, more vague and mmm... I forget. I am just trying to get a little bit of outstanding Georgie Love work done (new pieces online) before I declare tools down and lie patiently on the floor and wait for it all to begin.

I have decided that this baby should think about coming out at 38 weeks, so I have started acupuncture to encourage her to join the walking world... if you have any tips to encourage the onset of labour, I WOULD LOVE THEM. I will pay you handsomely in kudos and good wishes!

Your infrequent Pal,