Thursday, June 09, 2011

Where is my mind?

I made a decision a while ago not to freak out or feel bad about how long it takes for me to get my butt into action to blog. I never wanted to blog out of guilt or obligation (it happens), which I am sure is a familiar feeling to all bloggers out there. I am trying to be easy on myself. I have blog ideas all the time, but thought into action is not my strongest point. I tend to sit on things too long, until they become irrelevant.

So I am 36 and a bit weeks pregnant now, which seems like quite a ridiculous amount, in my head I should be about 22 - but here I am all big and immobile. and CRANKY. Well, maybe not cranky, more vague and mmm... I forget. I am just trying to get a little bit of outstanding Georgie Love work done (new pieces online) before I declare tools down and lie patiently on the floor and wait for it all to begin.

I have decided that this baby should think about coming out at 38 weeks, so I have started acupuncture to encourage her to join the walking world... if you have any tips to encourage the onset of labour, I WOULD LOVE THEM. I will pay you handsomely in kudos and good wishes!

Your infrequent Pal,


Amy said...

no no no no no!

That baby will let YOU know when it's good and ready and properly cooked. Not the other way around. The longer she's in your bulging belly, the stronger, more robust and settled she will be.

She's not done yet. Don't worry, she will be soon - but on HER terms! Patience at the end of pregnancies is ULTRA difficult (says mama of 3 children that went 2 weeks over. that's right. 42 weeks!)

Enjoy your little family just the way you are at the moment. It's all about to change, so savour these last few weeks.

Look after yourself. Massage, drink tea, sleep. Rest up. Walk. Snuggle lots with Ruby.

She'll knock on your door soon enough. Breathe...


Milkwood Design said...

Get your membranes swept. Have a bath with Clary Sage. Sex. Go to an authentic Indian joint and ask for a curry hot enough to bring on labour. All worked for my first... none for the second. But the second one was waiting for her due date.. then she popped out right on schedule : ) Good luck!

Fiona said...

In my infinite knowledge of childbirth I suggest you make some truly excellent plans for week 38 that cannot be changed. Then Sal Jr will come.

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Rest lady. Rest. I am with Amy, that baby will make the grand entrance when it's ready! Not vice versa. I know it's hard, and you're tired, but enjoy the last few days of being the three of you!

But I did LOTS of walking. And I do think that helped. x

Jenna Appleton said...

I tried everything to make #2 come more quickly. Nothing worked... the little guy started like clockwork with gentle labour at a quarter to two in the morning on his due date (nearly seven weeks ago now).

We presented at hospital at 10am and I was observed for a couple hours before being told that it was progressing too slowly and that we should go for a walk, have spicy food for lunch etc etc and come back in two hours to be re-checked. This attempt to hurry bub along resulted in yes, a progression of labour (yay! they aren't going to send me home without a baby!), but also an emergency c-section after they checked me again, as he'd disengaged his head and started to try and come through elbow-first instead. I thought this was rather funny but some of the hospital staff looked at me like I'd lost my mind when I laughed.

By the time we got into theatre an hour later, he'd further shifted to be in breech position. Almost like he'd figured out what was happening and thought, 'no! you can't make me leave!'.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I agree with Amy and Lexi... your bub will come when they're good and ready and not before ^_^

Julia said...

36 weeks. Wow, you're so close. Its funny for my last pregnancy I didn't want my baby to come early and she arrived at 38 weeks. They don't often come when we ask them to.
I've found that some of the remedies (raspberry leaf tea, castor oil) can kickstart labour but if that baby is made to come before its ready your labour could be long and intense. Good luck and safe delivery. x