Thursday, July 07, 2011

She is here!

Ok, so on Sunday morning my waters broke (not in an exciting massive gush like in the movies, more like a slow-leak "oh good lord am I wetting myself?" paranoia), with not much happening until about 8pm when contractions started, with my waking DrMr to take me to the hospital about midnight, calling our lovely friends who were coming to look after Rubes and all that. I think we got there about 12:45am and our little Lola Anaïs Rock was born soon after at 3:06am on 4/7/11 in a big warm bath. I DID get the kind of birth I wanted, and we are all well and happy. Lola is a massive eater and sleeper and all has been really smooth sailing since, which is lovely. Second time around is definitely easier. Rubes has been adjusting fairly well, she started acting out early, but it's already settling down (fingers crossed), we are just giving her as much time and attention as we can - and making sure she quality has one-on-one time with me as well as DrMr (who is doing primary toddler parenting as I seem to have a baby permanently attached to my chest).

(note: Acupuncture seemed to be the ticket for me getting things moving)