Friday, August 12, 2011

This is how it is

So! Little Lola has been with us nearly 6 weeks, which clearly explains my long absence as we become adjusted to being a family of four. And I also totally forgot that babies turn into little psychos at 6 weeks - the unexplained early evening crying, the constant need to be held all the time, not wanting to suffer a mere minute without a nipple in their mouth. You know, just turning up the amp on every thing.

HOWEVER! I am tired and it shows, but it's going well. Rubes loves her little sister, which we are lucky to behold, but that does not mean we have not experienced some spectacularly obnoxious behaviour along the way, which fortunately is starting to die down.

Other than that: I had a bit of a shopping spree and bought new clothes, make-up and underwear as well as a hair cut (found a rad lady who comes to your house and it's only $45 for one of the cheapest and best cuts I have had) so I feel MORE like myself. I had a real slump a couple of weeks ago, which I think is totally normal, I also turned 35 last week which feels odd. I am not a person to give a hoot about age, but when I filled in a survey recently and had to fill in my age bracket as 35-39... it was pause for thought. I also told DrMr soon after the birth that I could not imagine ever being motivated to cook again, BUT I HAVE. I have been working up from one meal a week, to two, three and this week will be FOUR. We have been subsiding on (hideous) frozen and take away meals. I would love to be passionate about cooking, but I am just not. I have also been making cakes and muffins for some reason. Maybe because it's something I can do fairly easily with a newborn strapped to me.

A list of things which are changing my life (in a far less dramatic way)
1. Changed to a cream cleanser, my skin has never been so happy. I always thought I had oily skin, turns out no, it's dry
2. I am Queen of the Fluffy Hair and I discovered this, and I don't really want to figure out why it is called wool shake, maybe because your hair is like matted wool after... but it's working for me. I LOVE IT.
3. Everyone seems to be going on overseas holidays and we haven't managed anything significant in the 5.5 years we have been together (I know, right?), but we are planning a weekend away in the next few weeks. It's SUPER SUPER kid friendly and isn't in our house, which is the main thing, but it's IN GEELONG. Because that's the kind of kick-arse fancy folks we are. Dontcha' know.

FINALLY what is it about having a baby that makes people (STRANGERS) think that it is appropriate for them to lean into a hooded pram and up into a sleeping baby's face to have a look. LADIES, I DON'T KNOW YOU, BACK THE HELL OFF. Lordy, do I love personal space and boundaries. The other day I had Lola in a carrier on my front, inches from my face and a woman reached in and removed Lola's hoodie hat to have a look at her. Of course I said something, as she turned around in a queue and just started with the hands towards me. I was taken aback and just said "that's enough" and put her hat back on.

I am (as well noted here) a shy person, but I would hope a reasonably FRIENDLY person, however I was saying to DrMr the other day that when people initiate conversations with me in shops and everywhere at the moment about Lola, all I am doing is standing there waiting for it to be over so I can move on and carry on about my business unhindered. I was talking it over with him as it's not necessarily something I want to pass on to my daughters - I am very wary of people I don't know and I don't know if that's a positive thing. I would love to be one of those open people who talks to everyone, but I am just not.

So yeah. This is where things are at.


Anonymous said...

Um, the pressure of the first comment...

I am fairly new to your blog, only a few months in, but nevertheless wanted to thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us...

Girl, you seem to have superwoman-powers: a six week old baby, a toddler, cooking, baking, and taking care of yourself, going shopping - I feel dizzy just thinking about all that stuff...

I hope you have a great weekend away! (Perhaps you can even catch up on sleep?)


Amy said...

Hello there from mummyland! Good to hear from ya!

Funny story - one of those nosy little old ladies happened to pull open my best friend's sling one day while she was out shopping and got an eyefull of - YOU GUESSED IT breastmilk. Jen shot it straight in her eye. When the sling opened up babychino pulled off and Jen doesn't have much control of her squirters! Ha! Take that!

Your girls are delicious.

Happy mama'ing.

Leonie said...

The girls look gorgeous and how proud is Rubes? Good job on the taking some time for yourself, it's normally one of the things that's the hardest to do. As for people who stick their hand into the pram or in your face to get to your baby, telling them to back off is certainly acceptable, they wouldn't do it to an adult so why would it be ok to do it to a baby?

Fiona said...

I am glad you are feeling refreshed! Less glad that Lola has cranked it to 11 though. She has maintained cuteness so I guess that may distract you...maybe they do that on purpose.

I am so worried about people touching me in public. I'm surprised enough when people I know (and like!) have responded to "I'm having a baby!" with "Mistake or planned?" which I feel weird answering.

petrafanella said...

Congratulations - that is so exciting. not the lack of sleep and crazy evening thing, though. this is what i also have to look forward to... a newborn and a four year old.

And i think you are entitled to your public space, your baby does not belong to the general public, and it gets tedious. Take care and big hugs.

Pigs & Bishops said...

Sounds like you're doing fabulously - well done. I haven't blogged since having Auden almost five months ago, and there's only one of him.

I had a woman approach me at a bus stop in Northcote, kiss Auden's hand (I had him in a sling) and declare "I love you!", then walk away. Bizarro, no? Better than the seemingly 200-year-old woman who leaned into the pram when he was about a week old and went bananas because he wasn't wearing any socks. It was at least 25 degrees!

The cooking mojo comes back eventually but I'm still not up to four meals a week.

Dudley Redhead said...

Sorry it's been solo long. Congratulations what gorgeous girls indeed.. X