Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big things, small things.

Goodness, it's been literal MONTHS since I updated...

but see this face? It is SLAYING me. Miss Lola has been taking up a lot of my time. She is my super happy, easy going, baby who rarely cries. I get distracted and will start doing one thing and then another and all of a sudden I will hear this little birdy "brrrrack!" chirp from the bedroom and I will go "oh shit! I have a baby!" She is so low key and happy.

AND JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE.... AHHHHHHHKHKJKSDcnmcni!!! I keep looking inside her cheeks for hidden chestnuts.  I have also been absent because I haven't had much to say - I have been busy parenting, baking... I have been sitting here for a few minutes eating smarties, sipping at my tea and trying to figure out what I have been doing for 4 months. Op shopping, cleaning, doing a teeny bit of Georgie Love. Not a lot. But I FINALLY HAVE NEWS. NOT ONLY NEWS, BIG NEWS.

DrMr got a new job. We have been talking about moving out of Melbourne and to a (nice, not rednecky) country town. And it's happened. On 1 December we are moving from Cosmopolitan Melbourne (and to be precise, GLAMOROUS BLACKBURN SOUTH) to Armidale in NSW.

 16 hours away. A town of 25,000. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I am so excited I could burst. Everyone we have told has only ever commented that it is beautiful but cold (it can possibly snow in winter! Squee!). I have been craving a slower lifestyle forever. DrMr and I have been talking a lot over the past few years about what our values are and what we value and what is precious to us. Our family is. Absolutely. We want the best life that we can provide for them and for ourselves. We have actually been talking about and looking at Armidale FOR YEARS, and I saw a job there a few months ago and pushed him to apply. And voila. Big lifestyle change.

I am though a LITTLE STRESSED. There is A LOT to do in the next month. The Uni there is paying for the pack and move which is AWESOME, but I am trying and planning to go through every cupboard and corner to sort and evict unnecessary clutter from the house. I have the most bizarre collections of things in every corner, I would photograph them BUT I HAVE NO TIME. I have started with the kitchen and it is going ok. I have till 1 December, plenty o' time.... right? YES.
OTHER NEWS: I am going to be a stay-at-home mama for the next little while and have no job to go back to which DOES make me a little nervous, BUT I am taking Georgie Love with me. All alone back to being a one-woman-one-dog (and now two kids and a mister) operation. I have neglected Georgie Love a little bit with everything that has gone on the past year and I am actually also SUPER EXCITED to take it back and nurture it a little and invest some time and energy. I have some ideas and plans.

I ALSO bought 46 AMAZING AMAZING (half of them are hand sewn, it's RIDICULOUS) vintage dresses recently and more to come on that later. They are all washed and aired and sitting on my dining table (one of four that I have, did you know I hoard tables and chairs?)

 SO that is it. I imagine with the changes I AM going to blog again more frequently - to keep in touch, to keep in the loop, to process and note all the changes that are going on. Although I have been AWAY, I HAVE been dropping in on blogs daily (read blogs on my iphone in the too many middle of the night breastfeeds) and don't feel like I ahve been out of the loop at all. It's just that no one knows what has been going on with me.


two blue shoes said...

OH! Those chipmunk cheeks! Squish. She is a doll.

Rie said...

Awesome.. a baby & a move - you can do it (cos I did it!). We moved from Melbourne to Tassie when bubba was 4mths old... we're about to move again in December just before his 1st bday.... Moving with a baby is fun, it really is & be prepared for the tears - your tears. And remember.. DO NOT PACK THE BABY!

And don't worry, sometimes I hear a sqwark and then suddenly remember, 'thats right, I'm a mumma now'... one day I even forgot to give him lunch cos he was playing happily & was reading a book - how bad is that!!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! And incredibly cute!

Such exciting times for you all! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Oh, that is such exciting news.

I do feel a little better about not blogging since having a rarely sleeping, will-not-be-left-alone baby if someone with a chilled-out babe isn't managing to blog much either :)

Ellie-Mae said...

Armidale is awesome, I live there and so do a bunch of fun crafty women. Be sure to pack your woolies.

Lauren said...

Sounds like it is one of those 'meant to be moments' How exciting!

Amy said...

ahh. serendipity. marvelous how it all happens.

My bestie lives in Walcha (a wee town west of Armidale) and she loves the pants off it up there. It will be different, but - how great!

x Amy

P.S. little miss is scrumptious!