Monday, November 14, 2011

Where I mostly whine a lot and feel sorry for myself. Again.

So let's just say that Mama here is a wee bit stressed.  We are moving in about 2.5 weeks and can I just say the days ARE DRAGGING LIKE DEATH.  There are days where we have woken up, watched some Wiggles, had breakfast, played play-doh, magnet pictures, dolls house, made a cake as well as gone through the dress up box and it's only 10:30.  GAH.

I think we are all a bit unsettled, eager to get going and moving forward and anxious about the unknown.

So I also have a baby who just can't seem to go past that 40 minute sleep cycle during the day.  I have been able to extend and resettle her maybe 3 times in 19 weeks, but all day time every day it's just awake for about an hour, asleep for 40 minutes and so on and on and on.  She is obviously as tired and as frustrated as I am about it. She sleeps better at night, she goes to bed around six and sleeps usually 4 or more hours before her first night feed, once or twice 6 or 7 hours straight, but OFTEN like last night she wakes every 60-90 minutes.  I AM TIRED.  

Out of desperation we tried to introduce a little plain solids which she took to like a duck to water (she had been very interested in people eating before hand) and LOVED, but it made nought difference.

Rubes finished daycare last week, so she is home full time which is a novelty for both of us.  This is a relationship that has been really hard to manage recently - she knows about the move and is quite positive about it and the changes coming - she is excited about (pre)school next year, I promised I would enrol her in ballet classes as well (my stifled eye roll and shudder not withstanding) and when we talk about not being able to see our friends as much, she has responded with "that's ok Mama, I am going to make NEW friends!!!!!".  Okey doke.  ANYWAY,  despite all this she is (understandably) needing a ton of extra care and attention at the moment, her panic around strangers is re-emerging, a lot of attention seeking behaviour and tantrums at home and she has lost the ability for independent or solo play, which while I DO play with her often and make sure I give her one-on-one undivided attention every day - all day every day?  No.  So I am working at managing those expectations and demands, while trying to do some gentle parenting and extra TLC.  She quit naps a while ago (she would easily sleep 3-4 hours a day, but wouldn't go to sleep until 9 or later!), so it's a loooong day.  A LOOOOOOOOOOONG DAY.

I have tried to implement a couple of changes that are going ok - despite the lack of nap, I have started an hour (I want to stretch this out to an hour and a half) of bedroom quiet time every day.  Where she has to
have a little sleep if she wants or read or play with something in her room - just so she relearns to play by herself, has that quiet time to re-energise and I get an hour break to just recharge myself.  I am sure all you clever Mamas reading this have been doing this forever already, but it's new to us.  I am looking at restructuring our day and starting a loose routine for the first time - I have not been getting any exercise and I FEEL AS OLD AND DECREPIT AS THE HILLS, so with Lola in the carrier and Ruby in the pram (which is unheard of), we have been going for walks and little adventures around the area.  It will be a good thing to continue in Armidale when we get there, to get to know the area and where the best hot chocolates are.  Yum.

Anyway one thing that she is really excited about and is super happy to work on - we have a little box set aside and we have been doing crafty things to decorate her new bedroom with - painted and pasted glittery flowers and butterflies.  I was thinking tomorrow of making either little colour paper flag or flower bunting for her room.  I am also midst repainting a tiny chest of drawers I made DRMR pick up for us in hard rubbish for Lola, which I have never done before.  I just did the undercoat today, am COVERED in it, but lordy it was fun and satisfying.

My beautiful, sensitive big girl also turned 3 last week.  THREE!  Time has flown.

Whilst in the midst of tidying our stuff, chucking, donating to op shops. stuff also keeps coming back in the house.  I have had a string of oppy good luck lately, and there are some things I just can't resist...

Like fab condition $1 and $2 vintage suitcases (there is 4 there, although admittedly the big trunk was $25, in glorious condition and houses our vastly growing dress up collection) .

Woollen blankets!  We are definitely going to need those in the colder climate, so they are useful and necessary - right?  The crochet one is GORGEOUS, huge, the colours glorious and it's actual wool instead of acrylic.  Happy.

Can't resist a cute nic nac.

And I have been looking for one of these Woman's Weekly recipe boxes for quite a few years - $4 at my second favourite Lions., handwritten recipes included, I am pretty chuffed.

We made these crisp coconut bikkies this morning.  Ruby declares them "the most delicious cookie I have ever eaten".  My teeth are a little sore from the sugar.


Pod said...

Hi Sally,
If you are looking for some help with the cat napping I used a book called "dream baby" by shanye rowley. She is definately a routine type of woman so it might not be for you but if you borrow it from the library you can see if you might find it useful. Can't believe your big girl is 3 already!Thought of you the other day when I played the playlist I made for Ruby to my little cub. Both of your girls look wonderfully cute. Good luck with the move and the pre-move!

Rie said...

Oh you poor thing! How old is bub? Does bub fall asleep in your arms.. or is she starting to get drowsy in your arms... if so, try to put her down before this...

We're moving in 2 weeks, my bubba will be 11mths old... I haven't started to pack yet, I'll do that in the last 3 days, cos I still need to 'live' here before the move & bub will SO not understand why things are different!

vancybec said...

Salmo! Must have the gingernut recipe! I must have it otherwise I will either die or explode, it's true, it happens to me sometimes! I've said it beforec and I'll say it again, getting anything done with Lola around would be nearly impossible so cudos for the crispy coconut bikkies! I bet they were delicious, I say were cos if they were at my house, there would be none left! xxx

kelly said...

so how about those vintage dresses SAL! hehe. your babies are beautiful, shame about the lack of sleeping, thats a killer., not that it compares but our puppy likes to get up early too, and its a killer.

two blue shoes said...

Oh lordy, I hear you on the 40-minute powernap. And I only have one bebe! He's got the hang of it now, but it did cross my mind when we were in the fresh hell of patting and shushing and tiptoeing away that it would be near-impossible to do this shiz with a toddler in tow. So kudos to you. (Also, I covet that crocheted rug. Op shop gods be praised!)

CC said...

Sounds familiar. My older two will nap at (their one day at) daycare but not at home (grr). I might have to try your idea of bedroom sleep/quiet time.