Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Is this your package?

Oh GOSH, SO much to tell, we are finally here in Armidale (well, to be precise INVERGOWRIE, about 15km out).  Here I am trying to get some work done.  It's been SO busy and crazy - Georgie Love Xmas orders (loads) a teething baby (mostly happy, just slightly clingier than usual and a tad harder to get to sleep, which is still a ton easier than loads of other bebes I know) and a super-sensitive toddler trying to cope with new things, new people and a big girl bed.   A kangaroo in our backyard (paddock) even jumped over Georgie yesterday.  I am exhausted, stressed, sore, worn out and highly caffeinated.  But happy.  Mostly happy.  I will write more when things settle down.

(PS: I want a washer-dryer combo for Christmas - is that so wrong?)