Thursday, January 05, 2012

News from the farm

Oh man.  SO Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to YOU, right?  I have been meaning to blog for ages, but have been struck by both busy-ness and apathy.  Plus I STILL read so many blogs during middle of the night breastfeeds, I don't feel like I am out of touch at all, but then I look and realise it is a month between words here.  Anyway!  Yes! We moved.  Here we are in Armidale, actually we moved about 15km out on a 7 acre plot in the middle of some gorgeous land.  We wake up to kangaroos and bunnies in the backyard, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, shetland ponies who come and visit on occasion (and have the occasional sneaky apple or carrot from us), ducks and yabbies in our two dams, turtles out and about... and we are having three hand reared kid goats turn up in about a week, plus plans of chooks in a couple of weeks too.  It's a little different from our rental poo-hole in Blackburn, with our crazy and super-creepy neighbours who liked to film us.


For the first time EVER Georgie Love has it's own office.  This is the view from my window.  As you can see from this picture, it is known as either my office OR the pink room.  I have plans to paint.  The walls are white, just this pink skirting nonsense.

BECAUSE... we bought the house we were renting.  7 acres, 5 bedrooms plus a study, 2 massive living rooms, 2 bathrooms, it is HUGE.  It's ace but there is stuff we can do to it to make it our own and add value so it's kind of perfect.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas and it was the first year where Rubes was really cognisant of the whole "Santa experience" and she was both excited and overwhelmed.  We ate a super relaxed Christmas lunch in our pajamas.  Lola looks like Jughead and had no idea what was going on, but she liked the new toys and wrapping to play with.

Lola is going great guns at 6 months, although we just had a growth spurt and have a little tooth coming through, so she is a little cranky.  This is the kid who never cries, but has the most ear piercing squeal you have ever heard.  She is an extroverted, smiley, mama's-girl charmer who kisses with her mouth open in a literal interpretation of sucking face.

Rubes is loving the country life, she loves the animals and space, I think she is missing her friends quite a lot, so we are both hanging out for when she starts a Montessori preschool at the end of January.  We have been doing lots of activities - painting, baking, parks, toy library and the story and craft hour at the library, so keeping busy.  We are going to check out the local pool in the next week, which has a super cute toddler section.  She remains precocious, loving, bossy and hilarious.

DrMr is liking his new job a LOT, which is great, since his last job was a craphole stressmobile.  There seems to be very nice people and a lovely Uni campus, so he is happy.  Plus we bought a ride on mower which we both like to pretend to feel like cowboys riding around the property.

As for me, I am getting freckly in the sunshine (the sun is INTENSE here, 23 feels like 33).  A little lonely as most of my conversations are with a 3 year old (who has recently discovered The Fairies, which is KILLING ME), but that is lessening as already I see the same people everywhere (unnerving at first) and little chats and routines are happening here and there.  I don't regret the move as a decision for my family in the slightest, I love the house and town and all our little creatures around, we are both relaxed and loving having more leisure time.  Meeting people takes time, I get that.  

We have been discovering beautiful natural spots that we all love splashing our (hot) feet in.  I have found a few op shops, some a bit meh and some spectacular.  There are lots of things on our list of things to do that we are slowly getting to.  Ah, there is a massive storm as I type this which is SUPER NOISY and I can hear the kids wake, I think I am done here!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

do you mean Armidale in NSW???

Frankie and Ray said...

Welcome home Sal! I think the freckles just add to your general gorgeousness, and I'm so pleased to hear you're all settling in nicely. It took me about 2 years to properly feel at home in our new town, but now I love it that I can just be in the post office or supermarket and always run into someone I know. It's friendly! Jo xx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you all, too!

So nice to find a post from you, the pictures are beautiful...

Hope you and Ruby find new friends soon!


Georgie Love said...

Yep Cath, Armidale, well Invergowrie

Ellie-Mae said...

I'm in Armidale too. It sure is lovely here in the summer. The storms are one of my favourite things. If you ever need an adult to have a coffee with drop me line.

Anonymous said...

A great way to meet other mamas and their babies and their kids is at Australian Breastfeeding Assocation meetings - if you go to the website and type in your postcode you will find where you're local meetings are. Everyone is welcome at meetings.
Happy New Year!