Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giveaway last call

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!   Winners drawn tonight or tomorrow morning, so SOON!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Georgie's Deal of the Week!

This is my happy face today, nothing is too difficult! 
HOLA!  It is MY AIM TODAY to get to the bottom of my washing basket.  BECAUSE I ROLL FRISKY.  And life is SO EXCITING here, it's non stop cleaning and tidying action.  As well as quite a bit of cranky yelling as it was ANOTHER 5:30am start today, which is better than the 4am start yesterday and it's not even the teething baby that keeps waking me, it's a rather obnoxious threenager.  Ggrrahhahhhjjjjjhdbclnbcldf!

ANYWAY, I hope YOUR day is far chirpier than mine, to make it a little bit niftier, use the coupon code GIMME10 to receive $10 off any order over $50 at Georgie Love.  Hurrah!

I am tempted by this gorgeous bunny girl print from nomuu!  Something very nice to brighten your wall!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ho hum

I was just literally about to write about how incredulous I am that I NEVER EVER seem to get to the bottom of the washing pile and it is frustrating beyond belief, when I realised - Hey, while I am ALL FOR Keeping it REALZ here, that is just leaping over the line from REAL to SO BORING TEDIOUSLY CLOSE TO EVERYONE'S REAL LIFE THAT I NEED TO QUIT THAT NOW.

So instead, here are some photos of where we visited on the weekend  - Dangar Falls, which are maybe 20 minutes out of Armidale.  It was the biggest freaking waterfall I have ever seen, it was ah-may-zing.  I also discovered for the first time how scared of heights DrMr actually is.  He didn't squeal like a little girl, but he DID get very nauseas and cranky.

We DID make it to the top of the falls... I think.
It was a long way down 
And then up... I had an extra 9 kilos strapped to my front with Lola strapped to me the whole trip, but DrMr had to carry 14.5 up the slopes.  Who was worse off?

This is more our speed.  Well, level.
I have been hooking up some new knitwear and skirts and things coming online at Georgie Love in the next few weeks, which I am excited about.  With rumours of up to -15 at night in Armidale, I have been SLIGHTLY obsessed with squirrelling away warm clothes for the family.  I know summer is only JUST on the way out, but -15 DEGREES PEOPLE!  I actually bought cute and very warm snow jackets for the kiddies before we left, as well as scouring opshops for some lovely pure wool blankets and that was November last year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nothing to see here folks.

note: this has nothing to do with the post.
So there is this guy I know, who was a friend of an ex of mine, but who is a friend on Facebook.  He is one of those guys who I like to call Chicken Little.  The sky is falling.  Who would call themselves a pragmatist (ok, which is odd and uncomfortable, because I call myself a pragmatist too), but is one of those negative people who finds something wrong with everything.  I commented in my Georgie Love account the other day that I had a shitty and tedious day of paying bills and talking to customer service people in banks and insurance companies.  And he said "are you sure you want to be saying this in Georgie Love" and I had a real WTF moment.   Why wouldn't I say that in Georgie Love? 

Nor this one, for fun I sometimes google "animals in clothes".  Look at his little jacket!
So, I am pretty much the same person all over the place.  I have never portrayed myself in that shiny-shiny everything has a rosy-vintage-hipstamatic glow about my life.  I want to be real and I want people who shop from Georgie Love to know that it is a real person behind it, who wakes up ridiculously (and resentfully) early, gets cross and yells sometimes (but I am working on that), has shitty days, can't cook very well and likes to look at life with a humorous slant.  I am a normal working mama, struggling to balance everything, but likes to laugh at the big and little things to help get through the day.

I don't know why I am telling you all this, it just ANNOYED me.

Last one for good measure!  Look!  A CAT! EMBROIDERING A CAT!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Deal of the Week

Georgie Love's Deal of the WEEK.  20% OFF EARRINGS for the next week, with the code LOBELOVE 


My Worker Friends

Stop what you are doing.  I want you to watch this video.  CITY FOLKS, I AM TALKING TO YOU.  When I first saw this when we moved here, I thought it was some really terrible Late Show / Fast Forward style comedy shop spoof.  It is not.  In Regional Australia, this palava comes on at around 7:20 TO TELL THE KIDS TO GO TO BED.  I am sorry, I tell my kids to go to bed at around 6-6:30 and then we crack open a bottle of wine and clink glasses that the kids are finally quiet and in bed and our time is finally our own for the first time since 5:30am that day.  

Channel 10 isn't the only one, but it's the one we see the most.  NBN has BIG DOG.

And Channel 7 Prime has the Prime Possum, which I have never seen, because I never see, we never seem to watch channel 7.

I am pretty sure if I was sitting around with MY worker friends and I started singing this song and acting like this, they would hit me in the face.  Is it just me, or is it kind of ridiculous????  (CLARIFICATION:  Not KIND of ridiculous, but completely ridiculous and insane.)

(ps: Lovely, lovely people. Thanks for all the ace advice and supportive words on my last THINKY post.  They genuinely did help  I think what is "troubling" me is that since we moved, my main and sole identity here is being Mama, which is lovely, but at the same time kind of one dimensional.  I like existing in more 4 dimensional terms.  I know, slowly and surely.  Today I got asked to be on the board for Rube's preschool which I said yes to, COMMUNITY STUFF, yes Sally, GET INVOLVED.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

In figuring stuff out

A number of times in my life I have packed up and moved somewhere new.  When I was 21 and in a particularly unhappy period in my life, I sold off nearly everything I owned, packed up my little banana yellow mitsubishi colt and drove by myself to Sydney.  And lived there for three years until a series of unfortunate events (house break ins, mugging, car stolen all within 36 hours) led me to returning to Melbourne with my tail between my legs.  Sydney was a FUN time, but a hard time and I have only returned once since.  It's not a place I miss at all.

When I was 26 or so, in the middle of a particularly unsatisfactory relationship, I packed up everything and moved to the UK for a couple of years, until I found myself in a even worse relationship.  Which is another story (I am a tres glam international divorcee lady of mystery).

SO. I am used to new places.  I am good at making friends, which is odd because as I bang on about here ALL THE TIME, I am QUITE shy and definitely VERY socially awkward.  I am good at occupying myself and moving beyond isolation or loneliness.  I am good at finding my way around, where the good coffee is and the best place to buy cheese.
That tin shed in the distance is our house
So late last year we moved from Melbourne to Armidale (well, about 10kms out), I have moved from big cities to big cities.  I have never lived in a small country town before.  And it's HARD.  I have friends who will read this and think that means I regret our decision to move, or that I want to move back, or that I  have changed my mind.  I haven't - this is absolutely the right decision for us as a family.  We LOVE our house and being able to afford to buy a massive place on 7 acres - we were looking around buying in Melbourne and getting very despondent before we left.  We love the fresh air, animals and friendly people and natural beauty and great selection of schools.  That Armidale literally only has two sets of traffic lights in the whole town.  THEY ARE LANDMARKS.  The daily storms and cool nights.  That's not to say that I am not homesick and missing my friends and the familiar and a decent selection of shops (I never realised before how much I shamefully enjoy SHOPPING MALLS.  Lordy)

I have been trying to work out where I fit here and I think part of my displaced feelings are because I miss having a bread and butter day job.  I liked my 3-day-a-week job in Melbourne and miss the certainty of having that to return to.  I don't think I was built to be a full time stay at home mum.  Even now, I volunteer at Ruby's preschool in their office half a day a week to help out and don't get me wrong at all, I LOVE being a parent and ADORE my babies, but I like being Sally and not MUUUUUUUUM sometimes too.  I think I am having trouble finding my place and who I am here - or who I am going to be.  It's a sticky transition.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ugh this kid falls fast asleep every time we are in the car, even if she just woke from a nap, 10 minutes later ZZZZZ.  She is a mixed bag sleeper.  She has slept through twice recently GIVING ME HOPE THAT GOOD SLEEP IS AGAIN PREDICTED IN MY FUTURE, but then like last night, she wakes every hour on the hour and decides 5:30am is the right time TO GET UP AND PARTAY.

UNLESS I am getting up at 5:30am because we are catching a 7:00am flight to some fabulous tropical island locale for a holiday, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT, IT IS UNHOLY.

Cranky and bleary eyed.


(ps: but I just can't resist that dumpling belly, so all is forgiven, even though she is now asleep and I am awake and EMBRACING THE DAY.  Are you free today?  Will you drive around in the sunshine and let me nap in the back?  k thx bye)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shoppy Tips

Could this be Australia's tiniest Centro?
I am a bit of an online shopper as you can imagine.  This has come in VERY handy since we moved to country NSW as while there are 3 shopping malls, the best of shopping here is Big W, Target or if you are feeling frisky, Noni B and Jay Jays.  There is not a lot.  I always bought a lot (most things) online before we moved anyway because I love the convenience, I find much more interesting and fun pieces online, plus it is freaking cheaper, even if you include shipping,

I think I do struggle to find a balance between shopping and supporting local makers (which I definitely try and do with handmade as a first option obviously, buying fruit and veg from our local farmer's market, and free range meat from the local butcher), but for other things, I want to find the best value.  I know I have harped on about this before, I DO think we are hideously overcharged in Australia, our market is smaller and we have been locked out from importing for ourselves products that are better priced and will be shipped to us.  For example last year I bought a Bobbi Brown eye palette which was $120 in Australia.  I bought it for $60 from the US (I do have a lovely friend who ships things for me, I could possibly hook you up too!).  I find it offensive.  If you look at this Australian Bobbi Brown site and this almost exact same page on the US site, all the products in Australian dollars are double.  Why would I pay that?  WHY????  I WANT to support small and independent stores and WILL where I can, but I want a fair and equitable price too.

Most days I will wear an outfit where everything I am wearing (including underwear and shoes) were bought online, the only thing I bought from a shop would be my socks.  I am online shopping SAVVY.  I have had things occasionally arrive slowly, in 10+ years of shopping online (seriously) have had fewer than 5 things go missing, and what has was always replaced.

I often visit this page for free worldwide shipping websites (note: not ALL sites are free all the time, some are oft occasional promotions) and this one for international sites that ship to Australia, which even WITH post is hugely cheaper.

I have thought A LOT about making shipping free on Georgie Love as an ongoing thing, but I am such a teeny business that I can't afford it yet, but it is one of my eventual goals.  However to practice what I preach, use the coupon BLOGGY for FREE SHIPPING on anything for YOU till the end of FEB which I think is FEB 29 this year!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love a giveaway.  It's just me and my good-customer-service-but-terrible-business-acumen way of running Georgie Love.  LOVE looking after people and making them happy, surprises, extras all happy-happy goodness.  I haven't done one in AGES.  I have spent a lot of time in 2011 and earlier this year looking after my family and a new baby, which is super important of course, but it also meant that I put Georgie Love on the backburner and now I need to spend some time and energy building it back up.

Last year I acquired about 45 amazing handmade vintage dresses for Georgie Love (story to follow) which have been sitting here with me since October last year and it is my MISSION over the next few weeks to start putting them online.  It's going to be tricky since I DON'T have any kind of model to show them off at their best, so I need to figure how to shoot them flat on a board and at their best.  I am working on it.

Anyway, it's a New Year, it's VALENTINE'S DAY and I am getting a bit of time back to myself as a parent and small business owner so to celebrate, yep this IS OUR BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER.

See!  Look at all that goodness smooshed up in that one photo.  Can I explain what the WINNER will get.

PIP LINCOLNE!  Australian craft icon and all-around-lovely dollface of a Melbourne lady has written a number of brilliant crafty inspiration how-to books and you can win TWO.  Both are gorgeous, brand new and ready to inspire you on YOUR OWN crafty journey.  Because I love that and believe in Pip and her super ace work in encouraging and inspiring others.

TO HELP YOU CREATE, a small selection of vintage fabrics and teatowels to help you make.  There might be more than this in your BOX OF WIN.

CUTE! This is an as-new vintage dutch apron is just SUPER CUTE and I have been holding on to it for far too long and I think it needs to find a super-happy new home.

SHOP, OH lookie here, it's just a $50 Georgie Love voucher to buy something nice for yourself.  


GEORGIE LOVE cute earrings, brooch and hair clips.

SHOES! VINTAGE! YELLOW! About a size 8 chosen specifically to go with:

DELIGHTFUL VINTAGE DRESS.  GOOD LORD do I wish that I managed to find someone to model this, as my photos of it are JUST SHIT.  This is one of my faves from the batch of dresses I have and one of the few store bought vintage dresses in my collection.  It has however been completely refashioned by the dressmaker previous owner.  This dress is a vintage size 12, but is actually quite generous, it can be belted for a smaller lady for a glorious swishy-swishy look to it, or belted for a fuller figure (to a 14 or maybe even 16?)  It is a dress and size that could fit and suit a lot of different sizes and shapes, so that is why I included this particular one.


It's adorable, take my word for it.  The original light polyblend was white and navy striped shift with tiny navy spots, but the previous (dressmaker) owner added (VIA HANDSTITCHING MIND YOU) navy polkadot sleeves, neckline and button sleeve feature, and can I just point out ALL THE PERFECT PLEATS WHICH ARE COMPLETELY HANDSTICHED.  It was a dull dress that had a magnificent make over.  I am disappointed my pics are so shitty, as it is AWESOME.  So find a cute belt, put on the yellow heels and note that Georgie Love now has your cutest spring outfit SORTED.

Clearly though, I need to sort out my dress photography OR a model before I get cracking on these dresses.

Oh wait there is a RUNNER UP GIVEAWAY!  A copy of Pip's second book Sew La Tea Do AND A $30 GEORGIE LOVE VOUCHER.

Ok, here is the important HOW TO ENTER INFORMATION:
Blog (to clarify in YOUR BLOG!), Tweet, Facebook link to what you would buy from Georgie Love with the $50 voucher (or put it towards).  Put the blog entry link here, If twitter, use #georgielove as a hashtag, or make sure I can count the facebook link, by friending Georgie Love)

1 entry per media format (eg: Facebook, Twitter and Blog) allowed

Only Australian Residents are eligible for main giveaway.  International entries welcome for second prize

Winner will be drawn on 29 Feb through a number randomiser.

If I have missed something ASK ME.

Good luck, I hope YOU are a winner!

Monday, February 13, 2012

GOOD THINGS MONDAY - Sharing is caring

Ok, more than anything else I (hardly ever) cook, I get asked for the recipe I am about to share with you.  It is my go-to cake.  Do you have a go-to cake?  The fail-proof, easy peasy but delicious thing you can get in the oven within 10 minutes and IMPRESS PEOPLE with when they pop over all warm and delicious freshly made.  Fancy.  This is my cake and luckily it is delicious.  I don't know where I got it from, but I cook it so often (once a week at least) that I don't need to look at a recipe to make it.

I love that it only has 5 ingredients (I have a million recipe books that I NEVER use, I realised recently .that I don't use them because a big list of ingredients tends to put me off and overwhelm me)

So here is my DISCLAIMER: If you make it today, you may eat it and go meh it's certainly nice, but not worth all the fuss Sally.  If I am making it for an occasion (I made it on Friday for the lunch at our house on Saturday, covered in butter icing and orange zest, served on a platter with juicy grapes and watermelon), I ALWAYS make it the day before as it just moistens even more and the orange flavour develops even more. Nomnomnom.

Anyway, short point - this is my fave cake recipe.  It is quick and easy and super tasty, particularly if you make it a day ahead.

1 Whole Orange
1 Cup Caster Sugar
1.5 Cups Self Raising Flour
3 Eggs
180 Grams Melted Butter or Margarine

Preheat oven to 180 (or 160 fan forced).  Wash your orange, I usually cut the little green tip off and then cut into quarters.  Chuck into a food processor and blend until orange is all mashed up and smooth.  Add everything else, don't even sift the flour, just chuck it all in and process until smooth.  I have made this as a circle cake and cupcake, but most usually a bar tin which I just spray with alfa one oil spray and line with baking paper.   Chuck in oven, cook for 40-60 minutes.  Check around 40 with a skewer and see if it comes clean - if not, bake a little longer.  If top starts to brown before cake is fully ready, cover top of tin with a little more baking paper, this stops it browning (THANKS for the tip CWA Cookbook!)

I sometimes ice, only if requested by DrMr or we have company - I find butter icing with lemon or orange zest on top is perfect, I have thought about doing a white chocolate icing or orange syrup drizzle, but can't go past the old favourite.

Would love to know if you make it and what you think.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well La-de-dah. Fancy news.

Hello! GOOD LORD am I having trouble getting and staying motivated in the new year to do anything involving work and businessy type stuff (my subtle way of saying Georgie Love).  I keep waiting for flashes of inspiration and motivation, but they KEEP PASSING ME BY.  Having said that though, it is only just February so I can pretend that I had a NICE LONG CHRISTMAS BREAK.  My unofficial New Years resolution was to BLOG MORE, which so far is a spectacular fail.  I think because I USED to blog in quiet moments at work, and now I have been at home with two kids, it's just KID RELATED MALARKY ALL THE TIME.   This is the fourth time I have started and stopped writing this. After the move and related stresses, I think I am just catching up on some RELAXINGZ.
Wildflowers growing near our house
Things are mostly really good, we are kind of in this lazy hazy day to day routine of visits to the post office, library, parks, cafe, baking, supermarkets, dress-ups, crafts and the like.  So the days are definitely filled in with good stuff, although Rubes has been desperately lonely for other kid company. I took a long weekend trip (Ruby called it our Girl's Club Holiday) to visit one of my oldest friends in Brisbane with girls just a little younger than my own which was great and Ruby had an absolutely fabulous time.

She started preschool 2 weeks ago and BALLET school, so she is beyond excited.  Ruby's ballet obsession has been going on for probably a year now, so it is timely and I think ballet class was nearly the GREATEST DAY IN THE WORLD for her.  With all this she is SUPER TIRED at the moment and is literally begging to go to bed at 5 every night, so why fight that?  HELLO GROWN-UP EVENINGS.


This door appeared on Saturday morning in Ruby's room, signifying that it was now FINALLY time to ditch the dummies and leave them for the dummy fairies.  This morning she woke (us all) up at 5am with screams of excitement with what the fairies left her. I thought this dress wasn't going to be ridiculous froufrou enough, but good lord, in retrospect, I COULD HAVE TONED IT DOWN SOME.

Lola is now 7.5 months!  She slept through the night once this week and it's giving me hope that we might get a few more - night feeds have been stretching out, so maybe I WILL FINALLY GET GOOD SLEEP!  The one night she slept through I was awake a few times with Rubes and a super noisy storm.  Ugh.  She is also starting to self feed as I just got completely fed up with the spoon battles.  It's a slower and messier process, but worthwhile in the long run.  She remains as funny and charming as ever.

Still happy in Armidale, I have been getting out at early evenings for night walks which has been marvellous as exercise is definitely an energy and mood improver for me, having some non-parenting ALONE TIME as well as enjoying the scenery.  Quite seriously, Armidale has the most spectacular sunsets and I am sure I am boring to tears anyone on my instagram or twitter feed with my constant inadequate capturing of them.  We actually had people over yesterday for lunch FOR THE FIRST TIME in the new house, so we are meeting people and socialising.  I DID however invite (bug) a lovely and funny lady for coffee who I BOUGHT A VASE FROM on EBAY, which I don't know if that is a new low or high, but like a non-sexual or weird dating scene, I am PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE.  I have also been volunteering at Rubes' school for half a day a week which is more adult conversation that I am having and doing something useful feels good.

Peppa Goat
We got three goats - Peppa, Jade and Dakota.  They are lovely and we love having them about.  They were hand reared together, so they are super social and friendly and are a cute little herd that wanders around the 7 acres.  They have their own little personalities - Peppa is the leader, the friendliest and smartest and thinks of herself as a cheeky house cat.  She winds her way around legs for pats like a house cat too.

This ridiculousness is the new Georgie Love postcard

In Georgie Love news, last year I acquired 45 vintage handmade dresses from the 50s to say 80s and they are as AMAZING as you can imagine.  I have washed them and have had them sitting around since October or November last year.  I don't have a model here to take photos of them on, so I may try and start shooting them this week.  ALSO I have planned my biggest GIVEAWAY EVER this month, so STAPLE YOURSELF IN AND STAY TUNED.