Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love a giveaway.  It's just me and my good-customer-service-but-terrible-business-acumen way of running Georgie Love.  LOVE looking after people and making them happy, surprises, extras all happy-happy goodness.  I haven't done one in AGES.  I have spent a lot of time in 2011 and earlier this year looking after my family and a new baby, which is super important of course, but it also meant that I put Georgie Love on the backburner and now I need to spend some time and energy building it back up.

Last year I acquired about 45 amazing handmade vintage dresses for Georgie Love (story to follow) which have been sitting here with me since October last year and it is my MISSION over the next few weeks to start putting them online.  It's going to be tricky since I DON'T have any kind of model to show them off at their best, so I need to figure how to shoot them flat on a board and at their best.  I am working on it.

Anyway, it's a New Year, it's VALENTINE'S DAY and I am getting a bit of time back to myself as a parent and small business owner so to celebrate, yep this IS OUR BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER.

See!  Look at all that goodness smooshed up in that one photo.  Can I explain what the WINNER will get.

PIP LINCOLNE!  Australian craft icon and all-around-lovely dollface of a Melbourne lady has written a number of brilliant crafty inspiration how-to books and you can win TWO.  Both are gorgeous, brand new and ready to inspire you on YOUR OWN crafty journey.  Because I love that and believe in Pip and her super ace work in encouraging and inspiring others.

TO HELP YOU CREATE, a small selection of vintage fabrics and teatowels to help you make.  There might be more than this in your BOX OF WIN.

CUTE! This is an as-new vintage dutch apron is just SUPER CUTE and I have been holding on to it for far too long and I think it needs to find a super-happy new home.

SHOP, OH lookie here, it's just a $50 Georgie Love voucher to buy something nice for yourself.  


GEORGIE LOVE cute earrings, brooch and hair clips.

SHOES! VINTAGE! YELLOW! About a size 8 chosen specifically to go with:

DELIGHTFUL VINTAGE DRESS.  GOOD LORD do I wish that I managed to find someone to model this, as my photos of it are JUST SHIT.  This is one of my faves from the batch of dresses I have and one of the few store bought vintage dresses in my collection.  It has however been completely refashioned by the dressmaker previous owner.  This dress is a vintage size 12, but is actually quite generous, it can be belted for a smaller lady for a glorious swishy-swishy look to it, or belted for a fuller figure (to a 14 or maybe even 16?)  It is a dress and size that could fit and suit a lot of different sizes and shapes, so that is why I included this particular one.


It's adorable, take my word for it.  The original light polyblend was white and navy striped shift with tiny navy spots, but the previous (dressmaker) owner added (VIA HANDSTITCHING MIND YOU) navy polkadot sleeves, neckline and button sleeve feature, and can I just point out ALL THE PERFECT PLEATS WHICH ARE COMPLETELY HANDSTICHED.  It was a dull dress that had a magnificent make over.  I am disappointed my pics are so shitty, as it is AWESOME.  So find a cute belt, put on the yellow heels and note that Georgie Love now has your cutest spring outfit SORTED.

Clearly though, I need to sort out my dress photography OR a model before I get cracking on these dresses.

Oh wait there is a RUNNER UP GIVEAWAY!  A copy of Pip's second book Sew La Tea Do AND A $30 GEORGIE LOVE VOUCHER.

Ok, here is the important HOW TO ENTER INFORMATION:
Blog (to clarify in YOUR BLOG!), Tweet, Facebook link to what you would buy from Georgie Love with the $50 voucher (or put it towards).  Put the blog entry link here, If twitter, use #georgielove as a hashtag, or make sure I can count the facebook link, by friending Georgie Love)

1 entry per media format (eg: Facebook, Twitter and Blog) allowed

Only Australian Residents are eligible for main giveaway.  International entries welcome for second prize

Winner will be drawn on 29 Feb through a number randomiser.

If I have missed something ASK ME.

Good luck, I hope YOU are a winner!


Lauren Threadgold said...

I would put the voucher towards the Audrey Dress (blue and black). Such a beautiful dress, and a reward for all my hard weight loss work in thge last 9 months (13kg so far!). This would be so good to pop on when I am am slim again!

Emily said...

I wish I could qualify for the full prize, but I'd be happy to win the book too. (I live in Chicago, IL, USA.) https://twitter.com/#!/Fettbot

uberjoi said...

oh my, yes please! blogged :)


Rie said...

Yay, thanks for the chance to window shop! I've blogged about my choices here & also sent it to my hubby cos I just know he's so forgotten Valentines Day!!!


I love button's by Emma said...

Both the dress and the shoes are just my size, so I really do hope I win. What a great giveaway. Happy Valentines Day


Em x

Bluebird said...

Hi there,
What a great giveaway, I am also a second prize person but with a lovely Pip L. book in the offing and a voucher you can count me in! I did a like on Facebook but have no idea how to like something from your shop so here is my fav from the shop: the vintage red little girls dress for my god daughter! Fingers crossed now!
Happy valentines day!

Candy said...

Oh, what an amazing giveaway!! I blogged here: http://candykins-crafts.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/giveaway-over-at-georgie-love.html

Lara Motta said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I hope I win! I absolutely NEED Pip's book :) Sent over by her lovely self from Meet me at Mike's blog. Oh, and the fabrics would look lush in my vinty quilt.

I shared on my FB business page:

Jessica said...

I tweeted my entry! So excited about this, everything is amazzzing.

Chantelle said...

WOW! I must have those fox earrings! Even if I don"t win, I'm definitely buying them.


Anonymous said...

Argh! This is a fantastic giveaway.
I blogged here:

steph said...

Ooh! I would choose the Anchor and chain wooden pendant and the "ghost Kitty" print!


sue niven said...

What a super giveaway, Cool Stuff!
I have blogged about it
and befriended you on face book and what i would buy if i won with the Georgie Voucher are the following things. Black Cat brooch, $25.(for myself, I adore cats!) and I would get the Wooden Owl Studs $25. for my friend who adores owls. Thanks for the chance to dream.

Mama Mogantosh said...

I'm about to Facebook this. Dribbling with anticipation. Great giveaway Sal! way to start the year.

Anna said...

WOW! Awesome new page to discover and so excited about this giveaway! I just shared the link to your page and blog via my facebook page King Billy

(Today i have discovered a fabulous new page to shop handmade! Georgie Love has such a hot range of handmade delights all from Australian designers. Sally is doing a major give away via her blog so be sure to go and check it out! Totally hope i win - so many things to spend my voucher on if i do - a custom skirt for me? some gorgeous leaf earings? Cute push pins..... mmmmm.... all of the above if i could! ;)

Lizzie said...

I love, love, love the vintage green skirt! Mentioned you on my Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/hasbean.australia

Ali said...

Hello, what a fantastic giveaway. I have just blogged it at http://mannainomers.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/giveaway-link.html and also tweeted it to the hashtag (hope that works as I am a twitter novice).

carolyn said...

Hi sally,
I just checked out your shop, love it! Now, i have also just friended you on facebook(i don't have a blog), but if that little dutch apron comes my way we will be friends for life!
Carolyn x

Danielle Quarmby said...

Ooh-er, so lovely!

http://blog.danielleq.com/2012/02/love-at-georgie-love.html my post here :)

Star faerymother said...

My kids get everything, so I would get me a Tee - The charcoal Branching Out one or the beardy folk man doll- for me too! so I will go tweet it now... I had to google what is a hashtag is- your making me work for this entry :). requested the friendy thing on facebook why not eh!

karin said...

hi there,
actually i don´t have a blog yet and i´m no member of facebook or twitter.
and i´m living in germany, uuhh!
but i like your items a lot and would be more than pleased to win a second prize!
to me it would be a first prize!

Anonymous said...

I posted on Facebook:

Who wouldn't love Georgie Love - something for everyone (especially lovers of craft and quality.

Georgie Love - Babies & Little People - Afternoon Tea Felt Food Play Set
Felt Food Play Set Georgie Love is a website store dedicated to promoting and selling handmade delights from independent and emerging artists from Australia! Georgie Love is filled with a mix of edgy, eclectic, funky and beautiful pieces that are either one-off originals or a part of a very small ru...

Kath said...

I'm excited to find your giveaway and join in the blog-sharing...


Can't decide if I love the shoes, the books or the fabrics more.Thanks for the chance :)

Susan D said...

tweeted about:
from u.k.

Susan D said...

posted on facebook:
crochet addictcfs
from U.K.

Susan D said...

added to my giveaways blog page:

Megan said...

I love your shop! The Wooden Doily Pendant would be my pick!


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh Lordy, if only the shoes were in my size. Swoon.

Sally Cooper said...

Fab giveaway!!

I blogged about it here:



Sally Cooper said...

shared on Facebook here

AND here:


I would put the voucher toward the Blue Blimpy Dress I think, it's gorgeous, but soooo much to choose from that's fab!


Sally Cooper said...

tweeted here

greta @ ontopofalilypad said...

Amazing prizes - am in NZ but if I win 1st prize I have Aussie friend I can donate to :)

Tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/gretbert/status/170011248119918593

SuzeJones said...

Love this blog! Here's my post: http://thejoyofsew.blogspot.com/2012/02/bunting-bonanza.html#!/2012/02/bunting-bonanza.html

REALLY hope I win...

S x

Maple Syrup said...

This give away is just way too epic to ignore!


Cath Elizabeth said...

Amaaaaazing prize pack!
I blogged about it here :) http://feltasaurus.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/georgie-love-giveaway.html

Anonymous said...

if the winner is not a size 8, I'd be very willing to give those shoes a home :)

amelieandatticus said...

I spread the love on FB...thanks for the awesome giveaway!


Lili said...

wow this giveaway is amazing ! I love the tea for two coaster set you have for sale in the shop i can just see myself sipping away on a steaming hot drink whilst sewing away in my dear old caravan and peeping down on on of these lovelies :)

Roxanne said...

What a lovely giveaway. It was so hard to choose what I'd buy! But I did....

Stephanie and Carlos said...

What's great giveaway. I posted it on my Facebook wall www.facebook.com/overitdesigns fingers crossed!!

Xo Steph

jaz said...

tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/jasmine_07/status/170659658409836545

Anonymous said...

So very lovely, kind & fun!


Alex said...

I'd buy the Herman Canvas for my baby son's room to remind him that life is an adventure!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

I love the brooches

Hun said...

I posted my linked on facebook


I have to say it was hard trying to decide what choose!

so much cool stuff.

*fingers are crossed my name comes up for the giveaway :)

Erica said...

Super cute giveaway!Love the little fabric stash and Pips books! Small world! I used to live on a property outside of Armidale about 4 years ago :) https://twitter.com/#!/wittlebookworm/status/172309725822713857

Mandor said...

What a lovely giveaway!
I've facebooked this one :)

khristie B said...

I love Georgie Love.
I linked the tie neck top by Queen clothing on my facebook page.