Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Georgie's Deal of the Week!

This is my happy face today, nothing is too difficult! 
HOLA!  It is MY AIM TODAY to get to the bottom of my washing basket.  BECAUSE I ROLL FRISKY.  And life is SO EXCITING here, it's non stop cleaning and tidying action.  As well as quite a bit of cranky yelling as it was ANOTHER 5:30am start today, which is better than the 4am start yesterday and it's not even the teething baby that keeps waking me, it's a rather obnoxious threenager.  Ggrrahhahhhjjjjjhdbclnbcldf!

ANYWAY, I hope YOUR day is far chirpier than mine, to make it a little bit niftier, use the coupon code GIMME10 to receive $10 off any order over $50 at Georgie Love.  Hurrah!

I am tempted by this gorgeous bunny girl print from nomuu!  Something very nice to brighten your wall!