Monday, February 27, 2012

Ho hum

I was just literally about to write about how incredulous I am that I NEVER EVER seem to get to the bottom of the washing pile and it is frustrating beyond belief, when I realised - Hey, while I am ALL FOR Keeping it REALZ here, that is just leaping over the line from REAL to SO BORING TEDIOUSLY CLOSE TO EVERYONE'S REAL LIFE THAT I NEED TO QUIT THAT NOW.

So instead, here are some photos of where we visited on the weekend  - Dangar Falls, which are maybe 20 minutes out of Armidale.  It was the biggest freaking waterfall I have ever seen, it was ah-may-zing.  I also discovered for the first time how scared of heights DrMr actually is.  He didn't squeal like a little girl, but he DID get very nauseas and cranky.

We DID make it to the top of the falls... I think.
It was a long way down 
And then up... I had an extra 9 kilos strapped to my front with Lola strapped to me the whole trip, but DrMr had to carry 14.5 up the slopes.  Who was worse off?

This is more our speed.  Well, level.
I have been hooking up some new knitwear and skirts and things coming online at Georgie Love in the next few weeks, which I am excited about.  With rumours of up to -15 at night in Armidale, I have been SLIGHTLY obsessed with squirrelling away warm clothes for the family.  I know summer is only JUST on the way out, but -15 DEGREES PEOPLE!  I actually bought cute and very warm snow jackets for the kiddies before we left, as well as scouring opshops for some lovely pure wool blankets and that was November last year.


willywagtail said...

Will absolutely not comment on the washing pile. With two baskets overflowing with towels and sheets how could I. Your photos remind me of a walk my daughter and I took in the Blue Mountains. O for some fresh air. You could always move down to the coast where the temperatures are more realistic. I did. Definitely worth it. Cherrie