Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Worker Friends

Stop what you are doing.  I want you to watch this video.  CITY FOLKS, I AM TALKING TO YOU.  When I first saw this when we moved here, I thought it was some really terrible Late Show / Fast Forward style comedy shop spoof.  It is not.  In Regional Australia, this palava comes on at around 7:20 TO TELL THE KIDS TO GO TO BED.  I am sorry, I tell my kids to go to bed at around 6-6:30 and then we crack open a bottle of wine and clink glasses that the kids are finally quiet and in bed and our time is finally our own for the first time since 5:30am that day.  

Channel 10 isn't the only one, but it's the one we see the most.  NBN has BIG DOG.

And Channel 7 Prime has the Prime Possum, which I have never seen, because I never see, we never seem to watch channel 7.

I am pretty sure if I was sitting around with MY worker friends and I started singing this song and acting like this, they would hit me in the face.  Is it just me, or is it kind of ridiculous????  (CLARIFICATION:  Not KIND of ridiculous, but completely ridiculous and insane.)

(ps: Lovely, lovely people. Thanks for all the ace advice and supportive words on my last THINKY post.  They genuinely did help  I think what is "troubling" me is that since we moved, my main and sole identity here is being Mama, which is lovely, but at the same time kind of one dimensional.  I like existing in more 4 dimensional terms.  I know, slowly and surely.  Today I got asked to be on the board for Rube's preschool which I said yes to, COMMUNITY STUFF, yes Sally, GET INVOLVED.)


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Sal. Seriously. You just dredged up Big Dog and Prime Possum in my childhood memory. And I have to say, PP is CREEPY! And totally homebrand.

Big Dog used to have an offsider called Miss Kim, if my memory serves me correctly. She used to tuck him in every night.

And I don't know if they still do, but they used to have different versions played every night. Except weekends because the kids are allowed to be up til midnight and then just crash out. Right???

As for The Workers. Wow. Wow. Wow. When we get together, maybe we could make our own version and dress up and post it to Youtube. I'm sure it would be a hellofalot less creep than them. WOW.

Jodie said...

I grew up in regional NSW and remember Big Dog and Prime Possum well. I still remember all the words to the PP song - how sad! We used to go to bed with Big Dog though and even kissed the TV screen to say goodnight to him. I love that he doesn't have eye lids so when he goes to sleep he has to cover his eyes with his hand. Haha