Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nothing to see here folks.

note: this has nothing to do with the post.
So there is this guy I know, who was a friend of an ex of mine, but who is a friend on Facebook.  He is one of those guys who I like to call Chicken Little.  The sky is falling.  Who would call themselves a pragmatist (ok, which is odd and uncomfortable, because I call myself a pragmatist too), but is one of those negative people who finds something wrong with everything.  I commented in my Georgie Love account the other day that I had a shitty and tedious day of paying bills and talking to customer service people in banks and insurance companies.  And he said "are you sure you want to be saying this in Georgie Love" and I had a real WTF moment.   Why wouldn't I say that in Georgie Love? 

Nor this one, for fun I sometimes google "animals in clothes".  Look at his little jacket!
So, I am pretty much the same person all over the place.  I have never portrayed myself in that shiny-shiny everything has a rosy-vintage-hipstamatic glow about my life.  I want to be real and I want people who shop from Georgie Love to know that it is a real person behind it, who wakes up ridiculously (and resentfully) early, gets cross and yells sometimes (but I am working on that), has shitty days, can't cook very well and likes to look at life with a humorous slant.  I am a normal working mama, struggling to balance everything, but likes to laugh at the big and little things to help get through the day.

I don't know why I am telling you all this, it just ANNOYED me.

Last one for good measure!  Look!  A CAT! EMBROIDERING A CAT!


Stresshead Red said...

Hey, good for you, these are all the reasons why I like reading your blog - it seems real and honest.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

yes, a certain blogger whose blog I don't read anymore and shall remain nameless said to me a while ago" you really shouldn't get political on your blog" as she apparently knew all about what asylum seekers really get up to as she had a family member in the armed forces- so of course this made her an expert. Hurumph!!! So I should keep everything nice nice all the time- give me a break?!
I am political. I have opinions- its not all fluffy craft/ cushions at my place and that is good. I have to be who I really am all the time.

I tell the truth about how I feel about things cos' that's how I roll.

Good on you for being real.

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Don't go changing babycakes.

Sick wicked that that cat can embroider. Maybe he can finish some things I've been working on. Hook me up!

Callie said...

Well you know you have my vote for HUMAN PERSON of the year. Also can you please develop an app for delivering me amusing cat pictures into my inbox every day cos my life needs that shit. Oh yes.

Michelle said...

I would much prefer to read posts from 'real' people about their 'real' lives rather than think everyone else has their crap together more than I do!

Keep doing what you're doing I say and keep it real :)