Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shoppy Tips

Could this be Australia's tiniest Centro?
I am a bit of an online shopper as you can imagine.  This has come in VERY handy since we moved to country NSW as while there are 3 shopping malls, the best of shopping here is Big W, Target or if you are feeling frisky, Noni B and Jay Jays.  There is not a lot.  I always bought a lot (most things) online before we moved anyway because I love the convenience, I find much more interesting and fun pieces online, plus it is freaking cheaper, even if you include shipping,

I think I do struggle to find a balance between shopping and supporting local makers (which I definitely try and do with handmade as a first option obviously, buying fruit and veg from our local farmer's market, and free range meat from the local butcher), but for other things, I want to find the best value.  I know I have harped on about this before, I DO think we are hideously overcharged in Australia, our market is smaller and we have been locked out from importing for ourselves products that are better priced and will be shipped to us.  For example last year I bought a Bobbi Brown eye palette which was $120 in Australia.  I bought it for $60 from the US (I do have a lovely friend who ships things for me, I could possibly hook you up too!).  I find it offensive.  If you look at this Australian Bobbi Brown site and this almost exact same page on the US site, all the products in Australian dollars are double.  Why would I pay that?  WHY????  I WANT to support small and independent stores and WILL where I can, but I want a fair and equitable price too.

Most days I will wear an outfit where everything I am wearing (including underwear and shoes) were bought online, the only thing I bought from a shop would be my socks.  I am online shopping SAVVY.  I have had things occasionally arrive slowly, in 10+ years of shopping online (seriously) have had fewer than 5 things go missing, and what has was always replaced.

I often visit this page for free worldwide shipping websites (note: not ALL sites are free all the time, some are oft occasional promotions) and this one for international sites that ship to Australia, which even WITH post is hugely cheaper.

I have thought A LOT about making shipping free on Georgie Love as an ongoing thing, but I am such a teeny business that I can't afford it yet, but it is one of my eventual goals.  However to practice what I preach, use the coupon BLOGGY for FREE SHIPPING on anything for YOU till the end of FEB which I think is FEB 29 this year!


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