Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well La-de-dah. Fancy news.

Hello! GOOD LORD am I having trouble getting and staying motivated in the new year to do anything involving work and businessy type stuff (my subtle way of saying Georgie Love).  I keep waiting for flashes of inspiration and motivation, but they KEEP PASSING ME BY.  Having said that though, it is only just February so I can pretend that I had a NICE LONG CHRISTMAS BREAK.  My unofficial New Years resolution was to BLOG MORE, which so far is a spectacular fail.  I think because I USED to blog in quiet moments at work, and now I have been at home with two kids, it's just KID RELATED MALARKY ALL THE TIME.   This is the fourth time I have started and stopped writing this. After the move and related stresses, I think I am just catching up on some RELAXINGZ.
Wildflowers growing near our house
Things are mostly really good, we are kind of in this lazy hazy day to day routine of visits to the post office, library, parks, cafe, baking, supermarkets, dress-ups, crafts and the like.  So the days are definitely filled in with good stuff, although Rubes has been desperately lonely for other kid company. I took a long weekend trip (Ruby called it our Girl's Club Holiday) to visit one of my oldest friends in Brisbane with girls just a little younger than my own which was great and Ruby had an absolutely fabulous time.

She started preschool 2 weeks ago and BALLET school, so she is beyond excited.  Ruby's ballet obsession has been going on for probably a year now, so it is timely and I think ballet class was nearly the GREATEST DAY IN THE WORLD for her.  With all this she is SUPER TIRED at the moment and is literally begging to go to bed at 5 every night, so why fight that?  HELLO GROWN-UP EVENINGS.


This door appeared on Saturday morning in Ruby's room, signifying that it was now FINALLY time to ditch the dummies and leave them for the dummy fairies.  This morning she woke (us all) up at 5am with screams of excitement with what the fairies left her. I thought this dress wasn't going to be ridiculous froufrou enough, but good lord, in retrospect, I COULD HAVE TONED IT DOWN SOME.

Lola is now 7.5 months!  She slept through the night once this week and it's giving me hope that we might get a few more - night feeds have been stretching out, so maybe I WILL FINALLY GET GOOD SLEEP!  The one night she slept through I was awake a few times with Rubes and a super noisy storm.  Ugh.  She is also starting to self feed as I just got completely fed up with the spoon battles.  It's a slower and messier process, but worthwhile in the long run.  She remains as funny and charming as ever.

Still happy in Armidale, I have been getting out at early evenings for night walks which has been marvellous as exercise is definitely an energy and mood improver for me, having some non-parenting ALONE TIME as well as enjoying the scenery.  Quite seriously, Armidale has the most spectacular sunsets and I am sure I am boring to tears anyone on my instagram or twitter feed with my constant inadequate capturing of them.  We actually had people over yesterday for lunch FOR THE FIRST TIME in the new house, so we are meeting people and socialising.  I DID however invite (bug) a lovely and funny lady for coffee who I BOUGHT A VASE FROM on EBAY, which I don't know if that is a new low or high, but like a non-sexual or weird dating scene, I am PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE.  I have also been volunteering at Rubes' school for half a day a week which is more adult conversation that I am having and doing something useful feels good.

Peppa Goat
We got three goats - Peppa, Jade and Dakota.  They are lovely and we love having them about.  They were hand reared together, so they are super social and friendly and are a cute little herd that wanders around the 7 acres.  They have their own little personalities - Peppa is the leader, the friendliest and smartest and thinks of herself as a cheeky house cat.  She winds her way around legs for pats like a house cat too.

This ridiculousness is the new Georgie Love postcard

In Georgie Love news, last year I acquired 45 vintage handmade dresses from the 50s to say 80s and they are as AMAZING as you can imagine.  I have washed them and have had them sitting around since October or November last year.  I don't have a model here to take photos of them on, so I may try and start shooting them this week.  ALSO I have planned my biggest GIVEAWAY EVER this month, so STAPLE YOURSELF IN AND STAY TUNED.