Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ok, here is the truth.  I wake up at 5-5:30 every morning and I HATE IT.  I AM a morning person, but I don't consider that time as morning.  Lola wakes up at that time every morning and so she is up, I am up.  I bring her to bed for a feed and try and convince her that as it's still PITCH DARK it's SLEEP TIME, but she responds with some slaps and grabs to the face and kicks to the ribs (see image ref above, it's a magic snow angels / jazz hands combo).  My kids are subtle in their tactics.  DrMr, cognisant in the fact he will be lecturing in a few hours, grabs the spare doona and goes and gets a few more hours sleep on the couch.

I have tried putting her to sleep later which works a little, but she is usually so tired that she will fall asleep mid anything around 6-6:30pm, so beats me in that game anyway.

She fortunately WILL fall back asleep around 6:30am, where I manage to grab another 5 minutes sleep before Ruby comes in shouting I AM AWAKE AND I DO NOT WANT TO STAY IN BED AND WAIT FOR THE SUN TO COME UP (we have this ace grobag clock which has a simulated sunrise at 7am when Ruby is ALLOWED to get out of bed and come see us, but I put her back in her bed at least once.  Despite emphasising this point over 1000 times, it has not stuck).  Of course, shouting her morning greeting is enough to wake Lola up, who springs awake again mid grin like a jack-in-the-box.  My soul cries deep tired tears of sleep deprivation as I start the day as I will end it: HIGHLY CAFFEINATED.


cheeky monkey said...

we have the grobag clock for our 3 yo and a 7 wk old so feeling your pain. what really works for us is a sticker chart - the 3 yo gets one sticker for staying in bed all night and one for staying in bed until the sun comes up. I also read her the book that came with the clock about the pig that has no fun because he got up before the sun...

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Hi Sally, I am a recent follower and first time commenter. Feel and know your pain sweetie. For the life of me I roll around at 5.30 am and rack my brain. Nothing makes a difference. Like my teenage niece would say it feels like I just need to "suck it up". As my little one approaches 3 thinking of a star chart. But he is always wanting to rock and roll and never goes back to sleep even though he is in the big bed. I just keep moaning and groaning.

The alignment of bodies makes me laugh. It is so true!

Best wishes


twoblueshoes said...

I hear you, lady. My kid wakes up at 5.30 as well. Stick him on the boob, lie there not quite dozing for half an hour while he feeds, then he's AWAKE! Ta da! Let me climb on you and honk your nose and hurl myself with abandon towards the edge of the bed!
(I think I should win some sort of Olympic event for blind catches of tumbling toddlers in sleeping bags.)
And then we are all out the door by 7.15. Oy.