Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miss Kitty BangBang

I think I have mentioned before that we adopted Kitty.  She was a rescue cat, pregnant and dumped in the Armidale river, but looking at her now, you wouldn't know it.  She is an extremely happy and chatty cat, loves to play and have cuddles and is super gentle with the kids (baby Lola is her favourite and she sits next to her all day, and purrs when Lola pulls her ears and pats roughly, she tries to sleep at Lola's feet in her cot, but we keep removing her both to Kitty and Lola's dismay).  ALSO I am allergic to cats and have been my whole life, they give me asthma, make me itch, sneeze, eyes water... friends with cars know I come to their houses HEAVILY DOSED, but I still often start sneezing.  HOWEVER I have had not ONE reaction to Kitty and I pat her all the time, push her off my pillow at night, now she has decided that since it is so very cold, she would like to sleep under the covers with us.    Even Georgie and Kitty adore each other, you can often see them taking walks together around the property, playing outside and sitting next to each other inside.  We often remark how well Kitty fits in with our family.  Like she was meant to be with us.  We love her.

She is also SUPER cheeky.
HOWEVER.  Kitty is a killer.

She has brought in as gifts for all of us 4 rabbits (which we remark at as they are often 2 times her size and she has to drag them in through a high dog flap that it is no mean feat), a very large handful of birds, a POSSUM and countless frogs, moths and spiders.  When DrMr was in Portugal for a conference a week or so ago I came home in the middle of the day and it literally looked like a pillow had exploded in one lounge, with a little mangled bird body in the other.  I was SO tired with solo 4:30am starts and 2 sick babies that I cried at the mess.

Ruby has been very curious about death lately and it has involved lots of conversations about who would help her make her bed if I died.  She thinks she can make her own dinner, but making her bed is the tricky job.  It has certainly been a reality check on what happens when you die.  It's quite simple in her mind, when you die YOU GET EATEN BY A CAT.

Things you should note: Kitty has a bell.  Kitty is kept inside at night.  I let the animals out at about 6:30am this morning to go to the toilet and about 20 minutes later I hear Ruby asking "what is Kitty eating?".  DrMr and I looked at each other with sinking hearts ready to justify why it is the other person's turn to clean it up.


Jody Pearl said...

Oh dear - and that's why we don't have a cat. Thankyou for this post, I am going to show both my daughters who for the past 19 & 11 yrs respectively have on a weekly basis bemoaned the fact we don't....I know it wont make any difference and that both are going to end up known as the cat ladies in their neighbourhoods due to their neglected childhoods - it's hard to have a win!

Leonie said...

Can't tell from the picture but if Kitty has a small round bell she is probably holding it with her chin so it can't tinkle and give her away. She won't do it around you because she isn't stalking you! You need to invest in an old fashioned open bottom bell of the traditional Christmas shape. She will be able to hold the outside of it still but the dangly bit will still be able to swing around banging on the outside and give her away to the local wildlife. You should be able to find them at craft shops if you don't have one hiding away somewhere already. My cats very quickly learned how to muffle their bells and were quite put out when we swapped them for old style ones :-) Good luck!

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh dear. We had an accomplished killer cat once, and it's so confronting. I wonder if it's because the poor thing had to fend for herself and now can't help herself? Our old cats live inside all the time now, but in Melbourne we had a cat run. Palaver, I know, but it might be a solution for you? ps. love it the Miss Kitty and Georgie have become such good pals!