Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I got this from Facebook, but I can't remember who - if it was YOU I am sorry that I can't give you credit, but thank you.  It's fabulous.


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hey, what's your name

I have two email accounts - one for Georgie Love and one personal gmail, well one really I guess, because they both go to my gmail account.  Now my gmail account is a very generic first name last name letter combo and as a result, I get wrong emails meant for other people ALL THE TIME.  Seriously several times a week.  I have thought about starting another blog for all the weird random photos I get.

These just came in a few minutes ago.  They look happy.  My favorites that came in though which I wish I kept were of someone's wall.  I am not sure what it all meant.  I usually just delete them, but maybe I need to CATALOGUE and start making up names and stories for them.  For example, Grandma Delilah on the end here just murdered her husband (poison).  Everyone is very happy because he was a bastard, but super wealthy and now they are all going to take a year long cruise on the QE2.  Cheers.

One thing I did wonder about is the fact that the three younger ladies seem to be wearing pearls.  Weird.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


So. Hello there, how are things with you?   I am officially in the realm of being a true and verified card-holding WORKING MAMA.  And good lord am I freaking exhausted.  But happy.  I really love working and I definitely missed it.  I feel more “myself” and like it was maybe the missing piece to moving to Armidale.  Of course, I have always been working on Georgie Love, but that doesn’t quite feel the same.  I get to talk to ADULTS and they TALK BACK TO ME and I am ENTRUSTED WITH TASKS. 

But good lord the MOTHERGUILT.  I am keeping a close watch on how the kids are coping with the change.  Ruby absolutely adores her Montessori Preschool and I have nothing to worry about there, she is thriving in Armidale – she loves school and her ballet and swimming classes.  She has a few close friends and is the happiest and most confident that I have seen her.  Lola being my gregarious baby is happy and settling in well at her daycare.  I am making a concerted effort that when I am with the girls that I am solely focused on them – I don’t spend much time CLEANING, or in my office or on my computer or phone, I try and plan things they will love, playing games at home, lots of time running around outside while the weather is still ok.  They are really responding to this positively, and it’s dawning on me that that quality time is far more important than the slightly distracted quantity time.  We all cherish it and love that special time together.  I think it’s making me a better parent.

But you see, I am a control freak.  I am one of those people who can’t relax while there are still things to be done.  This has been my biggest challenge, LETTING THINGS GO.  My kids are well fed, happy and healthy, it doesn’t matter if the couch is full of clean washing ready to be put away (it won’t be – the couch is in front of the fireplace where we have all naturally gravitated it’s a warm place in the morning), or if there are toys that are living in odd places and that the towels and sheets are overdue a wash.  Cleaning is no longer pre-emptive.  It’s a constant catch up, and I am trying to be ok with it. 

So there is a lot going on, and with the Rube’s preschool committee that I volunteer on, I quite seriously get barely a minute a day to myself, which is the tiring part.  I feel little stretched thin and the three week cold I have been enjoying is indicative of that.  Is this what you have to sacrifice as a working mama?

Other news
Kitty is continuing her killing campaign.  Clearly we were not appreciative enough  of the dead creatures in the house/on the doorstep as she has started leaving just delicately placed and neatly organised sweetmeats by the door.  Liver, pancreas, intestines.  Delicious.  It’s lovely that she is so appreciative of us all and her happier life with us, but I mean.  I can do without the death.  Meanwhile, it’s a good anatomy lesson for the 3.5 year old.

The goats are also on a kind of terror campaign also.  We have Shetland ponies who live next door and the goaties think that they are a part of the same herd, so they are constantly sneaking through the fence to hang out.  They got into the neighbour’s HOUSE the other day and ate all their houseplants and pooped everywhere.  Now if that was me, I would have gone FREAKING MENTAL, but they kind of laughed as they told us a number of days later.  RELAXED PEOPLE.  Hopefully it will rub off on ME.

Georgie is a happy, content older dog who is enjoying retirement!  He loves a wander around the property with kitty, chasing kangaroos and sleeps in front of the fireplace.

DrMr grew up with German Shepherds and loves them and somewhat naively I said that we could get one in the future.  Our ace electrician’s Shepherd has just had puppies and is giving us one.  Just what I need MORE BABY ANIMALS.  He is insisting on chickens next (we just need to work out how to manage kitty and chickens) and then miniature pigs.  I mean.  Sheesh.  WHERE WILL IT END.