Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hey, what's your name

I have two email accounts - one for Georgie Love and one personal gmail, well one really I guess, because they both go to my gmail account.  Now my gmail account is a very generic first name last name letter combo and as a result, I get wrong emails meant for other people ALL THE TIME.  Seriously several times a week.  I have thought about starting another blog for all the weird random photos I get.

These just came in a few minutes ago.  They look happy.  My favorites that came in though which I wish I kept were of someone's wall.  I am not sure what it all meant.  I usually just delete them, but maybe I need to CATALOGUE and start making up names and stories for them.  For example, Grandma Delilah on the end here just murdered her husband (poison).  Everyone is very happy because he was a bastard, but super wealthy and now they are all going to take a year long cruise on the QE2.  Cheers.

One thing I did wonder about is the fact that the three younger ladies seem to be wearing pearls.  Weird.


Deirdre said...

This post made me actually laugh out loud (so not a LOLer). I make up stories about strangers all the time when I am bored. And I agree, the pearls are very suspicious. Like Granny D may have been involved in some grand jewellery theft too. Hmmm

I love button's by Emma said...

When I lived in London, my man Chris and I got new phone numbers. After a few weeks we began all these texts for a man name Yorg, he seemed like a lovely man just from what we got from the texts. Soon we got phone calls and people soon began to know Chris and began conversations with him, just from being a wrong number. We told a mate about it and he wrote a great fictional story on it. It was always interesting to see what Yorg was up to, it kept us entertained.

Claire Bushby said...

Fantastic, do the blog! : )

Burning Down The House said...

Maybe they are librarians? Librarians like pearls. And nanas. There is probably a cat sitting smugly somewhere.