Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seriously, nothing to say.

Oh this hot weather is KILLING ME (note: slight exaggeration).  I have been reduced to this sweaty puddle of lady.  I know you people who are experiencing the 44+ degree temps, might tell me to GO GET STUFFED with the 35 we will be experiencing today, but the Summer average for Armidale is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT 28 with daily afternoon storms to cool it down to enable sleep.  Which is nice and managable, BUT WE HAVE NOT SEEN AT ALL THIS YEAR.

Anyway, we used to live in a bushfire area in te Dandenong Ranges and it's not quite the same risk here, so I feel for anyone who is in a danger area, it's horribly scary.  I hope you are ok, and are seated somewhere nice and quiet, with a nice breeze and a long island iced tea.  (JUST LIKE I AM, I am not in my pjs, with toothpaste all over my face and neck because an 18 month old insisted on brushing my teeth, and waiting in anticpation the change of a poo nappy within the next few minutes).

Other than maintaining my fancy lifestyle, I am just lazing around, it's too hot to do anything (the hottest time of the day here is like from 3-7pm, so EVENING EXERCISE AND CHILDREN SLEEPING is impossible), planning a trip to the pool today and wondering what madness I agreed to with a winery lunch with others tomorrow.  I am having an internal freak out already as Rubes is due to start school in 2014, which just seems ridiculous and I am panicking about picking the right school (we are zoned for the worst school in the area, so I am trying to work some magic and get her into somewhere else).

Have I ever mentioned that I may infact be a highly strung individual?  No?  Ok.


Amber said...

Oh the heat was full on however I hope you are enjoying the cool change. Sweet blog xxx